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  1. https://www.topsail.co.uk/boat.php?refnum=1969#images This one has my name on it!
  2. Agreed, and if those sleeping in the saloon need the bathroom they have to go through the main bedroom. It means that for all practical purposes it is only a 2 berth and at over £1900 a week in peak season it seems outrageously expensive.
  3. As far as I remember the only footpath is on the opposite side of the river, although you may be able to walk up to the road and go into Beccles from there.
  4. We also moor there and take the dinghy into Beccles. which means we can go through the old bridge. and it's much quieter than the yacht station.
  5. The sails arrived today - on time and as everyone has said the quality is amazing. I'm only sorry that we won't get to use them until the spring.
  6. I find carveries the very worst of pub food. The sight of people piling food on their (and worst of all their children's) plates destroys my appetite, and the amount of waste is appalling. We had a lovely meal at a Harvester in Swindon during Regatta week, and whilst not what I would call 'cheap' - £90 for 2x sea bass and prawns with chilli, a cheeseburger, 2 desserts, a bottle of wine, 1 liqueur, 2 coffees and unlimited soft drink, I thought it was reasonable. There was a very well stocked salad bar and my only criticism was that the majority of dishes on the menu had some sort of chilli seasoning, although ours were very mild.
  7. Just a quick update. We have ordered a new mainsail and jib - £612.43 for high-quality, dual-colour dacron. This includes logo, sail numbers, hanks on the jib luff and tell-tales. They should be ready mid-September.
  8. Really? - and still no empathy for those whose plans have been overturned?
  9. Yes, but how does this affect the present case? The booking was made, presumably members expressed their intention of attending, and now it is withdrawn from the calendar at a moment's notice. I'm sure Beccles YS couldn't give a d...n whether or not the NBN are there in an OFFICIAL capacity. They had a booking, now it's withdrawn. Those responsible have sullied the name of this forum throughout Broadland.
  10. No, it's not a timely reminder - everyone knows that the 'team' are voluntary - so why do Beccles YS regard the booking as any way 'official'?.
  11. I have every sympathy for that person - and indeed would hate my post to be construed as criticism of anyone. However, I would like to know what constitutes an 'official' event, and why there are not measures in place to guard against such eventualities. If you're going to authorise any event as official, then surely it is incumbent upon you to make sure it takes place.
  12. Oh lord! so it's not OFFICIAL (whatever that means) - pretty poor form as seems to be the norm nowadays.
  13. Paul, your post, together with the Swallows and Amazons thread has a weird relevance, as I am at the moment reading 'Peter Duck', where the children along with Captain Flint sail to the Caribbean and they use the exact method you describe when mooring.
  14. Congratulations on the successful running of what must be one of the most challenging regattas in the country! Ours starts on 18th - but we'll be at the club from 16th to help with the preparation and to get our favourite camping spot.
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