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  1. probably the seals are designed to work in compression, when you go astern the boat is being pulled along by the prop shaft, so the seals are no longer compressed, this may be curable by lessening the amount of play fore and aft in the prop shaft, when you have a wiggle going the seals will be struggling to seal the shaft.
  2. yes, but all the boats behind me werent very happy
  3. I can still remember the day cruising on the bure and turning up the Ant, heading along at the speed limit with everyone passing me, only to find out i had the gps set for km/hr rather than mph.
  4. on the Ant, do you try and overtake on the short tack, or the shorter tack, I mean on that stretch of river, there is barely much more room behind than a boat width, so they will be turning fairly quickly after again.
  5. I tend to prefer wild moorings or mudweighting, but have never failed to manage a mooring somewhere, for example if I see an empty mooring spot at horning staithe i will pop in and go do some shopping, then off somewhere else to moor up for the night (usually above wroxham bridge if i am in the area, viaduct moorings, bridge broad on the mudwight, or even wroxham village moorings (Malt Staithe)- this is after the big loop above Wroxham bridge and has room for 1 or 2 boats.
  6. or replace a 3 blade prop for the same size and pitch 4 blade.
  7. they do have the option of raising all their track and bridges as the alternative, i wonder which is more expensive.
  8. as mentioned previously, the issues may not just be heat, to be fair its not yet at the sort of temperatures that have closed it in previous years due to heat, so my thoughts are that there are other issues (no doubt that are being looked at as part of the upgrades due next year) they mentioned upgrades to the bridge controls and to the cables. water misting at that location has the tricky issue that at least part of the time the water has salt content, which will induce rust on the track and bridge structure. I believe they did try painting the rails white the other year to reflect some
  9. if you go for the condensed view then you dont get the preview that Griff speaks about
  10. on the southern broads its not so easy to find wild moorings, but they are there if you want to look for them, some of my favorites are on the waveney, one is a short section of quay heading on the right bank just a bit above the waveney river centre, up at geldeston staithe (the leg that doesnt go to the locks) if you can get under beccles bridge, you can mudweight on surlingham broad, and there are a couple of sneaky spots for a small boat on the wide corners of the river chet (its a bit too narrow at other points) other than that a lot of the sections of mooring down south are generally qu
  11. not while helming, its refreshing, only slightly alcoholic, and i like the flavour, also a lot easier to prepare in advance when I am solo helming, I cant just pop back and put the kettle on without mooring up first.
  12. well yesterday didnt go as planned, woke up, decided maybe i didnt need to go to the boot fair, got a cup of coffee, looked outside it was such a nice day i changed my mind and went to the boot fair, only bought a lathe carriage and cross slide, then came home. Started mocking up the drive mount for my 13" lathe, i was doing this using meccano to get the geometry, but have some 1" angle iron to actually make the mount. I had started printing a 3d part for a friend before I went to the boot fair, and 4 hours later it was complete, o in a break after lunch I decided to run the part over to
  13. just call him hopalong
  14. I suppose its a numbers game, how many people use that rail service, verses how many use the navigation, i suspect at different times in the year, you would get a swing towards the navigation, I always notice a few boats hanging around waiting for the bridge to open when I slip under, and then you have to remember that the broads authority dredgers need a bridge opening too, so there are still 'commercial' craft plying the navigation
  15. there are no specific limits on the boats, but generally one person in the crew should be sober enough to helm the boat responsibly, i am not adverse to supping a crabbies ginger beer while helming, but thats generally over several hours.
  16. some of us dont even need to wait for the tides
  17. Best hop to it and make a visit then.
  18. hickling broad (since its 3RR day and you are marshalling
  19. I have temporarily locked this thread, due in part to the posts we have had to hide that came close to or broke the TOS when describing the person moored, it will remain locked unless someone has any pertinent facts to add, in which case message me and i will either reopen the thread or add the information for you. Just a reminder, we will not stand by and allow a trial by forum, all of the relevant authorities have now been informed, I suggest we leave it in their hands and hope for a successful outcome.
  20. I have never yet been unable to get through potter heigham bridge when I wanted to, usually twice each holiday when I hired from Marthams, I have yet to take Water Rail through, as we need to ascertain what she needs to get under, we think its 6'1", but i will do a test with more clearance first and see how much there is to spare. Really its all a question of hiring the right boats, and by that I mean a marthams woodie.
  21. and then of course the size and shape of the roof makes a difference too.
  22. maybe it is some other mechanical issue rather than heat expansion?
  23. looking at the repps data this morning, at low tide river levels were down to 0.21m, which is off the pdf chart, so extrapolating that would mean that at low tide this morning there was over 6 foot 11" at potter heigham, currently back to 0.25m and rising, but that is still nearly 6'10" which looks hopeful for anyone wanting to head under the bridge today.
  24. that would be a welcome addition to available moorings, and they could add a time limit for how long you could stay if they made it an official mooring site is presumably being dealt with by the Broads Authority as per your letter from them. but yes I would expect any boat out on the river (or in adjacent waters) to have the relevant tolls, insurance and BSS certification.
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