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  1. just started going through my photos from my weeks holiday, thought you might be interested in just how big those waves were Tuesday when I crossed Breydon while it was closed to hire boats, luckily i was going with the waves not against them.
  2. like any boat, you will be better off not bringing suitcases, use soft bags that can be squashed down for storage, or unpack your bags and leave then in the car, stowage for suitcases on most boats is just not there and you will find yourself tripping over them all the time.
  3. yes, though I have never seen a metal one. do you have a date for it? I have Viking connections that would be interested if it dates to then.
  4. one doesnt hire her, she belongs to Dave (Janet Anne), we do have a buddy scheme going, but you would need to talk to him.
  5. lidls extra large eggs. todays trip was to be my last for a while, and to add insult to injury it was tipping it down, round to waveney river centre for a pump out, then back to the moorings, following the ranger most of the way from the WRC, the new moorings opposite the dutch tea gardens seem to be coming along well, then it was unload the boat to the car in torrential rain, at the last minute i remembered to shut off the fuel cock, and then head for home, another 3 1/2 hours driving. arrived home , the cats were happy to see me, the feeders had been working well, and my daughter and m
  6. Auspicious start to the day, finishing up my eggs for breakfast, and not one, but two double yolkers.
  7. Lulu, its really not so bad putting it down, just needs careful lowering, getting it back using the rope and pulley is easy, unfortunately when running solo, it does mean leaving the steering unattended, then its all down to whether Water Rail is behaving or not.
  8. Canterbury too has its share of hire scooters, but you also see young kids riding them everywhere (the non hire ones that is). what I struggle to see is that if its legal to hire and use one, then how come its not legal to use one you own (providing all the other stipulations are adhered to,) actually the issue is that they are nort legal on the pavement, and they are not yet classed as legal on the road, and they are also not allowed to use cycle patrhs, so where are you supposed to use them? I looked into electric bikes, and a lot have quite a low maximum weight limit, I found just one
  9. water rail in the rear berth, i can just touch the bottom end with my head about 18" from the head of the bed, standing up its a different matter, you learn to duck, I am 6'4". Jayne from Martham is similar, plenty of bed length, just remember to duck when standing..
  10. well that was a long days sailing, 12.00 departure from Acle bridge free moorings, by the time I left I had used approximately 2 electric cards, for a full 24 hours of heating, so not too bad, as i left it was a beautiful day, shorts and tee shirt weather, and that lasted all the way down to great yarmouth, there was one threat of a shower when it started spitting, but i was soon out of that, I arrived at Breydon just at the suggested low tide time, and was still slightly punching the tide (or more likely just the rivers natural flow.) As I crossed Breydon I could see clouds and rain ahea
  11. OK Canopy down, I see Andy on Evening Shadow has his open too (as the boat that was in front of him has now moved.)
  12. i must say it looks a glorious day out there, sun shining and not a cloud in sight, I have breakfasted, and caught up with the internet, (including topping up my data as I ran out earlier this morning) and am about to brave the outside and take the canopy sides down. I dont need an early start this morning, as the tides on Breydon are not until this afternoon, as i am headed south I will go for an earlier crossing, at low water rather than slack, as long as i dont end up trying to punch the tide across Breydon, low water is 14.15, or thereabouts, so I will aim for 14.30-14.45.
  13. firstly, must be wooden, secondly, go under all bridges including Potter Heigham, thats about it really for me
  14. these 500W heaters are of course the interim measure, a lot of the work would have been done by now in the planned winter maintenance, but lockdown threw a spanner into the works there, as her scheduled shed time came and went, with several boats still due in before her. I have to say i was running one all last night and it maintained a comfortable 18 degrees all night, on a single card, I have added an extra card this morning as at 5am there was 4p left on the post, and I will be here a few hours yet waiting for the tides to cross over Breydon, so as Griff says, no point in not doing it
  15. well I believe they sell shore power cables too, then just a converter to a 13A socket, and bobs your uncle.
  16. no hot water either, so just charging the battery for the fridge.
  17. i have to add the rain stopped when I moored up, just finished a sumptuous lunch (beans and sausages on toast with bacon and eggs,) now watching the comings and goings at bridgecraft, and its started raining again
  18. Jay, get yourself to Roys, they have little 500w heaters reduced to £9.99
  19. 6 foot 5 at Wroxham today, through and back in Water Rail, no problem.
  20. I just called in at southgates for a tank top up, as Water rail only has a little tank, £35 to fill from about 1/3 tank (as far as I could see from the dipstick), I didnt ask about cost per litre, they didnt ask about 60/40 split, which I shouldnt get as she doesnt have heating, so my assumption is they charged me for 100% propulsion (they do know the boat).to be honest, I think my volvo has a bigger tank than water Rail does.
  21. This morning was an early start 8 am departure from ranworth, as I wanted to moor up at wroxham, that meant bridge clearance was needed, now I have been told she will go through at 5'9", buti went through at 6'5" and at the back corners of the roof had only about 5" clearance. Anyway, got through the bridge with no problems, and then as I moored up the rain started., Popped into Roy's to see what they had in the way of small heaters, found a plug in 500w heater for £12.99, reduced to £9.99, so I bought 2, one for each cabin, for use onshore power only as the inverter is 300w. Now it was t
  22. i actually measured the bridge last year, if the cills either side are visible, there is 8 foot clearance from those to the top, there is actually a 2" difference from the water to the top of the bridge from side to side.
  23. well the good news is that i now know the leak from the water tank is 6" from the top, right in the middle at the back. its quite a dribble really, mind you I filled the tank especially for this test.
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