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  1. Just catching up as well.... very shocked and sincerest condolences from us as well... Mark & Jules
  2. Markw

    Brundall From The Air

    When we returned our Hireboat last Monday (17th Sept) - Malcolm did the usual fuel etc and as i walked into the hut for our refund i as usual said nice to see you etc and the fact you are here year after year... he said unfortunately that he would be gone this week as he had been unsuccessful in reapplying for his position (his words were not quite as eloquent as that) and that was that basically.... I have been in a similar position some years ago - with the same company for nearly 15 years and more than twice had to apply / be interviewed for a position that i was already in (or very similar to) - usually happens when companies are downsizing and if there are no voluntary redundancies (or the company is not offering a redundancy package) then they are obliged to allow people to apply for other positions within the organisation etc etc - most of the time it is a 'tick box' exercise to keep within various employment laws - but a process has to be followed...
  3. On countdown now - about to finish work in London - train back to South Sheff.....- pack car tonight ready for 07.30 departure to Brundall tomorrow morning - really looking forward to this weekend....
  4. Understand what you mean now.... my hat on.... lol
  5. Very true & there is obviously a market for them as like you say - the boatyards would not make such an investment (i would hope) - they must be very well appointed inside
  6. Agreed...... although we do like / appreciate modern day luxuries when we are on the river - still want the boat to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye....
  7. lol.... not a problem.... was not aware of the Broom FB page - will have to have a look....
  8. Hi all, Thought the below might interest one or two fellow forumites today.... Whilst i live in South Sheffield, my office is based in London and lately i have had to be in the city 3 or 4 days a week. However, it is only a 15 min walk to St Katherine Dock, and most lunchtimes i take a wander down there - always something to see either in the dock or on the Thames (see last pic). Over the weekend they held the Classic Boat Festival and whilst woodies don't really do it for me - there were some lovely boats leaving as i was down there earlier today - the first pic being a very nice (and i should imagine - very expensive) example. The last pic is of a super yacht - Aviva that has been moored here for a good few weeks now (on the Thames that is), incidentally - i actually saw this yacht in person whilst we were in Fort Lauderdale at the beginning of May this year - must be following me around - lol (really must post some pics / details of the yachting world in Fort Lauderdale - 100's of ridiculously expensive boats everywhere). Mark
  9. Already booked The White Horse for Friday night dinner - and tend to breakfast whilst underway on Saturday morning..... but we will try Rosie Lee's at some point as we have not heard (or seen) a bad word whenever anyone comments here.
  10. Hi Susan, Yes to both - we have hired a Broom Captain 3 times previously and they are quite well stocked with utensils / cutlery / table & glassware - we still bring some odd bits & pieces with us (chopping board / couple of sharp knives etc) - if you have a look in the Hire Boat discussion thread - i did take some pics of the interior of the boat as best i could when we picked her up in March. If you have any specific questions - let me know & i will have a look once we are onboard this weekend (rather than trying to rely on an a very reducing memory). Mark
  11. Thanks Scrumpy - we have hired from Brooms 3 times previously - always on a Broom Captain (was out early March this year - but had only just ordered the burgee and was too late to take with us). We are actually out a week later this September - we were out September last year as well and think we may have passed you on your last day when we were heading upto The Waters Edge on the Friday afternoon.
  12. Hi all, We will be having another long weekend on Broom Captain shortly - will be on the river from Friday 14th Sept to Monday 17th Sept. Will post another holiday blog with pics again - but our plans are as follows; Friday 14th - Brundall to Loddon - overnight Loddon staithe Saturday 15th - Loddon to Beccles - overnight Beccles yacht station Sunday 16th - Beccles to Rockland (via Oulton Broad) - overnight Rockland short dyke Monday 17th - Rockland - Brundall We will be flying our NBN burgee (not quite sure where to temporarily attach it to - but have cable ties on our boat list) so if you see us - give us a wave and if we are moored up - come and say hello - the bar is always open.... Weather not looking too bad either (at the moment) which will keep Jules happy - glass of champagne in hand whilst sunbathing in her bikini (also makes me a very happy man) Mark
  13. Markw

    I've Had An Idea !

    As has previously been said - it can be horses for courses - we travel all over UK with work and have on many occasion ended up in a completely strange city (to us) & rather than eat all the time in hotel restaurants / bars - we do like to get out & about. The usual way we do this is by looking at online reviews (usually trip advisor or open table - we find the latter seems to be better - but the restaurants need to be signed up to the booking facility on the website). We also ask the reception staff where they would recommend a good place to eat - always goes down well that one.... Generally - unless an establishment has lots of very negative reviews then we will make an educated decision from what we can read / see in the reviews and go from there. We still get caught out though and have eaten in places (both on the broads & further afield) that have had very good reviews - yet we have come away from the odd restaurant not having enjoyed the meal and been quite unwell - we don't then add a negative review as we feel that probably the food was just not for us & we will leave other people to decide. The only time we may leave a review on any website is if we have either very good service - or very poor service - that for us can make or break an evening out...but we have had many a great night out at lots of places based on reviews & feedback online - both here in UK and when we are in the USA.
  14. Markw

    Prm Gearbox Oil Level Check

    I know what you mean - and looking at the faq's on the website - it would appear to be a very common question that is asked.... so you are not the only one....
  15. Markw

    Prm Gearbox Oil Level Check

    Hi I have just found the below on the PRM website; Q: HOW DO I CHECK THE OIL LEVEL OF THE GEARBOX? A: To check the oil level, the dipstick must be fully screwed down and a level can then be taken. DO NOT over fill your gearboxes as this is detrimental to their performance. If a mechanical unit is overfilled, then this will cause the clutch to wear out and the performance will continue to deteriorate. I was assuming before i found this that it was the case that it should be fully screwed in to obtain the correct reading Hope that helps Mark

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