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Set Adrift At Irstead Shoals Staithe


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Hi All

Last night/early this morning some bu**ers untied both our and the boat next to us, they untied both bow ropes!!!! 
Braveheart didn't move as I had springs on but the other boat a Shetland 4+2 (none local boat with short  stay plaques) swung round and ended up bow out into the river only his stern rope saving him from drifting off. 
One of the chaps in the local houses told me that just last week a Richardson's boat had his bow rope undone!!! 
So take care at this spot as well as Barton Turf!!! 

As an aside the chap also told me that the Parish Council are in discussions with the BA to get power and water put on the staithe, which will be great, don't know when though as they are talking at this stage.

I am going to inform both BA river control and Broads Beat of the incident. 

Photo of the spot Braveheart was in, the Shetland was Bow on to us. Photo taken at another time, we like that spot!! 



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I had been thinking about the previous cases - and how might a good deterrent be to stop this - alarm, cameras, a light? Well then I read this has happened.

The problem with any alarm is, what happens if it goes of in error - you'd likely wake up a bunch of people and annoy them for no good reason, cameras might work but then you could well have the face of the phantom rope 'untyer' but not much else.

But what about a cheap PIR  activated door chime -  this could sit on the boat and if it went off in error all you get is the chime going on inside the boat - that give you time to grab a torch and get to a window - you'd catch a Duck maybe or scare the hell out of someone messing about with the ropes!

They would have had no prior warning - no loud alarm outside the boat no motion activated light coming on. I think this could be a good safety idea.



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