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Holy ****


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The best part is he is no trained engineer - I think he was a plumber and got into making things and tinkering, then You Tube and the rest was history.

His bunker under his back garden was paid for by Sky as an example.  He is clearly living the dream, goodness knows what the neighbours think and someone who may purchase his property in future will be in for a surprise :)

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It's funny how you "webbies" think all those bits and bytes get around in thin air? Even your wireless relies on a wire and a switch at some point. Oh and while we are at removing all your connectivity, we will take your servers away as well:naughty::naughty:

Don't get me started you smarty pants, webbie, Admin boys:party: No doubt Alan will be along soon to back you uptwo guns(we need a fisty cuffs imoji)

Ah it's good to see we all get along and play nicely though cheers It's the Apps boys that think they are God - even you "Webbies" are dinosaurs now.:dance

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1 minute ago, Jonzo said:

Well we like to keep you busy... Lots of black boxes and cables and you lot are happy. We just have to remember not to mention AWS or Linux or you'll get upset. :naughty::naughty:

I do apps, too.... Android and iOS.

I'll get me coat.


You rang sir ? :coat:

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Oh Jonzo, we should maybe have our own thread - AWS that panacea for everything - and often nothing:naughty: I would love to share some of the stuff we have been looking at and how "cost effective" it ISNT!!

OK, no more trashing Amazon or they wont invest in Britain (sorry mods - almost getting political)  :hiding:

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we had a girl working for us once - her previous post had been on an IT helpdesk.

this girl admitted to washing up the toaster and kettle with the rest of the washing up, but did keep the plugs out of the water.

she also believed that the photocopier could talk to her (when I was connecting via its IP address and posting messages up on its screen) and called over work colleagues to show them.

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