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Does Your Phone Have One?


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A little random but I wondered if anyone on here's phone still has a little channel in the corner to attach a wrist strap?

 I had my phone out of its protective case to give it a clean and the slippery bugger jumped straight out of hand. It got me to thinking how my old button phones always came with a wrist strap but I've not seen a phone come with one for years now.

 As phones get thinner and sleeker there must be alot of people having them slip out of their hands. Maybe that's why we all buy a protective case as soon as we get a new phone.


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I have a lovely slim phone,  except as you say it is slippery ,,  so I put a gel case on it to protect the back and sides from impact if I drop it,  because it is slippery.  It ends up thicker.  It must be easier to coat the back with  non slip coating.  Progress :57_cry:

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And it is set to get even worse "All glass phones" will apparently be the next thing. My Sony Xxperia is glass on the back as well as front, it is like trying to hold a newly hooked trout, impossible without a case.

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4 hours ago, ChrisB said:

"All glass phones" will apparently be the next thing.

The next thing, I'm led to believe will be flexible phones made from a sheet of plastic. Bend them, roll them up. I suppose it will be useful for when I sit down forgetting my phone is in my back pocket. Never found one yet that could withstand the impact of my backside.

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4 hours ago, Londonlad1985 said:

You can get a wrist strap that fits into the phone jack socket with a blank plug... not quite as secure and no good if you need your ear phones!...... however the jack socket is now disappearing :shocked

You'd think the strap would pull out if the phone was dropped. There are lots of aftermarket straps but I miss the security of it being secured to the structure of the phone.

Funnily enough I used to use the strap to hang the phone on a hook more than I ever did as an actual wrist strap.

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