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446.04375 Frequency


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I don't wish to start a technical discussion on all the merits and shortcomings as I am sure it has been done to death many times. But, does anyone monitor and use PMR 446 CH4 on The Broads anymore?. 

A few years ago it seemed to be used quite a bit. I always thought it quite a good idea as the power is so restricted it kept transmission local and you were unlikely to blot out another persons communication in a different part of the system.

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I always monitor all 8 PMR channels but have CH4 as the one to use for communications but I think it varies as to to season and indeed who is out there to talk to. I don;t think many use it as might have done CB in the past, but more if in a group or friends with radios to stay in touch 'inter-ship' type thing.

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Maybe Dilligaf means because hireboats are not fitted with VHF equipment?

We have a VHF although its been in a cabin drawer for the last two years as no one has been bothered to plug it back in after winter lay up.  

Since the swing bridges were fitted with the electronic broads we havent needed to use it either.

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25 minutes ago, Dilligaf said:

I'll re-phrase...

I tend to monitor VHF CH6 for general comms, as long as it's not used to idle chit chat it's fine, no use for hirers though unless they have suitable portable equipment and licences to operate it.

Picky git!:taunt:

That's me!  Hopefully privateers will be suitably licenced:angel:

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13 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

That's me!  Hopefully privateers will be suitably licenced:angel:

Oh yes, callsign and mmsi allocated for both fixed and handheld dsc sets, both occupants have operators cert. all on MARS database and registered on a CG66. :angel::angel:

I like the idea that the coastgaurd know who I am, where I am, and what my boat looks like both ways up.

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