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Life Jackets


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We inherited several life jackets when we bought our boat, 2 nice self inflation ones in good new condition that fit which is a nice bonus.

I've just had a look at the other two to see if they will be OK for guests and can't make out how they work! They look new but instead of clipping together at the front they have 2 D rings and as far as I can see no way to join them. Are you supposed to tie them perhaps or is it something intended for yacht crew, clip to the boat itself maybe?

Any clues as to what to do with them and their suitability for a Broads motor cruiser gratefully received!

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Beware of nice looking life jackets, they might never have been worn. What is more important is they are "In Date". If not Brundall Bay Marina are agents for Seasafe on the I.O.W. who will service them and re-certify.

Could you post a photo of the others, normally D rings are used to attach a safety harness, mostly used on sailing boats for going forward in heavy weather or single handing.

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Thanks for that advice, I didn't know about being in date!

I will have another look when I go back to the boat, probably at the weekend, and take a photo of the D ring ones at the same time.

Will the standard ones have a date stamp of some kind to look for?

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With double D rings one passes through the other if the rings are on each strap (mine is like that - Seago), if both on one strap the loose strap end would pass through the first ring, around the second ring and back through the first (been used on crash helmets for years).

Check dates on activators and check for green dot on hammar avtivators, inflate overnight to leak check but use a pump not your breath as that fills the bladder full of moisture and rots the gas bottle.

If in doubt have them properly serviced before relying on them.

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Both the standard self inflating type had a replace by date  in 2011...

For the time being we do have a couple of the older style bulky ones.

I'm very grateful for the advice I've received here, especially when you consider I can't swim!!!

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1 hour ago, Hylander said:

Inflatable life jackets are easily rearmed.   There is a video on you tube snowing you how.  We always rearm ours when they are due.

Every April, I check the expiry date of the: life raft, flares, fire extinguishers, engine room fire suppression, life jackets, CO alarms, Smoke Alarms, Danbouy, fire extinguishers, and the batteries of waterproof torches, plus whatever I have forgotten here because the checklist is on the boat, and service/ replace as necessary  

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