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I visited the pub this evening as the weather was dumping lots of wet stuff on us and not wanting to do a three day camel ride up to the Falgate with the possibility of getting run over in the process.

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was an all larger and fizz pub but to the far right hand side of the bar there were two handpumps, one with Sharps Doombar  and the other Adnams Ghost Ship.

Despite the rather dark décor I found the pub basically ok. It is 100% better than we have had in the past where we had a scruffy old landlord who could not care less and after that two loads of weirdos who did not know how to run a pub and made a right mess of it.

The manager seems on top of things and the staff are young bright people who were very attentive to the customers. I did not eat there but food passing by looked good. The prices for the food and the beers are quite competitive.

What is more there were loads of customers in there. I am not too sure I like the name of the pub, perhaps it should of been "Albion".

All I can say is Well done to the owners, staff and management.



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8 hours ago, VetChugger said:

" not wanting to do a three day camel ride "

Oop north we recognise that as a "Mick Morgan'ism"! Not a Norfolk based Rugby League fan are you??

Not a rugby fan but it would give me the hump walking that far in the pouring rain.  :default_badday:

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11 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

That all sounds good, be up that way soon, but Doombar, ummm!

Sadly since Molson's takeover of Sharp's, Doombar seems to crop up all over the place, though it's not a bad ale. I do wonder about the need to ship an ale from Cornwall to Norfolk though, especially when there are so many good beers brewed much nearer. I wonder about the combination too, Ghost Ship and Doombar. They are quite samey, 4.5% ish amber ales. 95% of "real ale" drinkers would struggle to know one from the other. 

Regardless, it sounds like the pub is on the up, has someone in charge with a bit of sense and is doing well so thumbs up for that.

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I visited the pub this afternoon and it was well patronised, once again the staff were very attentive to the customers. I had a few pints of Ghost Ship which is one of my favourite beers and it was excellent.

The pub is coming on well and there is an excellent secure children's playground outside securely fenced off from the river and the road.

I have been told that there are a lot more improvements will be made to the pub in the coming months but it is well worth a visit now.

Come on now, give these hard working people a bit of custom and lets have a buzzing pub in Potter Heigham as it used to be and create some employment for the local people.



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On ‎25‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 10:50, Chelsea14Ian said:

May call in if we get moored up,not to keen on the beers.Perhaps if it's warm drink outside.Dont like the dark colours on the inside,however better then how it used to be.Is the food still pizza.If so will just have a drink

Oh yes! They do do pizza and it looks absolutely delicious.

Just forget the dark colours, the place is spotlessly clean, not a sign of stickiness on the tables, smart young attentive hard working staff and a manager who wants his pub to thrive.

Go for it!



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