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Can't Add Reactions

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37 minutes ago, OldBerkshireBoy said:

I get the message from time to time however my "like" is left on the post so guess it is a little blip in the system now and then.

Not working like that for me.

(I just absent mindedly tried to click on "thanks" for your email - it said "no" and doesn't seem to have registered it).

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1 hour ago, oldgregg said:

It was a setting on your user group. I've changed it....

You must have been going some to reach the limit of 100 per day, though!!


However, it cut in today not after 100 "reactions" but 1.

And according to my profile I've given a grand total of 45 reactions in my time on this board.

So something seems to have gone slightly wrong somewhere...

Edited to add: Oh, and I'm still getting the same error message.

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9 minutes ago, grendel said:

I will have a look, for you, there are limits to how many can be allocated daily, but that daily is a rolling 24 hours, so maybe you used a few yesterday afternoon, and have run out - but I will find out for you.

It's not a big deal - the world will keep on turning if I don't give some posts I enjoyed "likes" (though it feels a bit rude not to).

But if I am hitting a rolling 24 hour limit the quota must be rather small.

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6 minutes ago, grendel said:

have a try now, I have added a few to the limit.

Yep that works.

I can believe that I hit 10 in a 24 hour window - I wouldn't have expected the limit to be so low.

That probably means I'm spending too much time on here...

Thanks for dealing with it.

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