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Beta-marine Remotorization Good Or Bad?

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Hello all.
  I have to re-engine the boat and am considering installing a BETA-MARINE type 85T engine.
Do you use and know this brand well and especially this model?
The engine data sheet indicates various curves and especially fuel consumption.
Is the fuel consumption curve real, or representative of this model and type of engine?
Happy browsing everyone.

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Your profile suggests that you are based in France.  On that basis, I’d be looking more serious at a Nanni engine, still based on a Kubota block but marinised in France.  Spares would surely be easier to obtain.

As Grendel said, why 85hp?  I would think that for rivers and canals, 50hp would be ample, but Vaughan is far more familiar with the French waterways and their requirements, so will be able to advise better than I.  

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Hi Beta dont do a 85t they do do a 90t the t stands for Turbo not ideal for river use beta use a Kubota base engine max revs 2800rpm or a John Deer (ford) engines both are agriculture engines with gear driven camshaft these type of engine lasts for ever providing regular oil changes, I preferer beta as there add on's ie alternators are better engineered,  parts are available from Beta, Kubota, and John Deer. You dont say what boat and where you will use it, they do Keel cooled and sea water cooled,  hence what do you want it for. As with most marine engines for private use use a agriculture based engines with bolt on marinized items. These are userely low rev gear driven agriculture derived ie no rubber belts that need regular changing with catastrophic results if they break that high rev diesel engines for road use are. John

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Hi I do think Beta's add on's are better engineered than Nanni, as regards fuel consumption the graphs are factory test results and can only give a rough idea to actual consumption they can however give a good comparison between different engines/makes. You will only need the extra power to run 240v if cruising at the same time as generating,  if however you will only generate while moored you wont need the extra power and with a smaller engine use less fuel. John

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