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Pyes Mill Footpath


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Just seen on Facebook that the permissive footpath between Pyes Mill and Loddon has been closed again.  The reason stated is ‘local dispute.’

We were there the weekend before last and I walked across to the village using the path and it was very overgrown.  It’d be interesting to hear what the problem is this time.  Looks like the route through the churchyard it is then!!

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It remains to be seen if closure of the path will have an adverse impact on local pubs and shops because it makes the walk to Loddon slightly longer. Given the continued issues with antisocial behaviour at Loddon staithe, it is in the best interests of all concerned that the matter is resolved as soon as possible. The local council need to get a handle on both situations in order to ensure visitors continue to come to Loddon. Although it is the fag end of the boating season, there is still a need for visitors on boats to have a safe access to the village. I have certainly noticed a reduction in visitors lately, and can only speculate that this is having a negative impact on business in the area. Loddon is a beautiful  place with a lot to offer visitors, it would be a shame to see it ruined by these and other issues. 

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30 minutes ago, YnysMon said:

That doesn’t sound good. On the other hand there haven’t been any tales of problems on the staithe moorings recently. 

Hi Helen

This is an extract from a post on a Facebook group posted on 16th August.  I’ve cut the name of poster off to avoid ToS issues.

A couple of days later, the local police posted an email address to report any further antisocial behaviour.  I’ll try to find it, but it seems that the Parish Council and police are aware of this and it is an ongoing issue.

To be honest, there was an incident at Pyes Mill when we were last there, at about 07:00 on a Sunday morning.  A group of three people were sitting on the grass, drinking and playing loud music with a site radio.  One of them was holding an aggressive Alsatian dog on a lead, that was growling and snarling at everyone who walked past.  It was obvious that one of them was quite inebriated and was singing loudly (and not very tunefully) to the tunes on the radio.  They were there for about a hour, but as they left, jumped on the side deck of a moored craft, rocking it violently before staggering off.

Needless to say, I will be avoiding the area for a while.



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I am in contact with one of the local councillors who is very concerned about the ongoing issues in Loddon, and is working hard to resolve them. There are plans to make further improvements to the shower/toilets and to make some changes to the Staithe in order to improve security. She is also liaising  with the police to put measures in place to combat anti-social behaviour. It seems that many locals have also raised this issue which has got worse over the last few weeks. The root of the problem seems to be with the dealing and consumption of illicit substances. It would be helpful if people  can report any incidents to the police, and issues to Loddon Parish Council. 

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