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Sunken Vessels


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I've seen a couple of sunken vessels around the Norwich area, whats the crack with them.
Do they still belong to the owners, aren't the owners forced into removing them, are the broads authorities responsible for removing them.
Are they like abandoned cars where any ole tug can come and drag them away.

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Not as easy as cars I believe! They will all belong to someone whose responsibility they remain, and the BA will need, probably to go through the courts.

Technically, I do not think they can even lift them and move them to their yard. And the bigger they are, the harder it all becomes

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I would imagine if anyone refloated one and dragged it away nothing would be said and if an owner appeared asking where to send the salvage bill to would send them running(if lines are still ashore not sure salvage law counts), but that doesn't make it legal.

Feel free to take as many as you like, I won't tell.

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Yeah the one I was thinking about in particular was the fair sized one that is cordoned off between the Broads authorities boatyard and the low bridge (forget the name of the pub just beyond it).
And then there is a small day boat that has sunk a bit further on as you're heading into Norwich.

I wasn't particularly interested in dragging it off myself, I was just curious what the legalities of them are.
I might have a little snorkel around it just out of sheer interest one day, I do like snorkeling wreckage's, but that's if I can ever be bothered to and assuming I could get permission.

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I have no idea what the crack is with boats but a while ago a car was abandoned in a field next to and belonging to, a garage business for about 25 years. Garage owner wanted rid of it as he wanted to sell the land for houses so he put a notice on the car and left it there for a fixed period. I can't remember how long but at least 6 months I think, then sold the car. 

Of course, then the bloke who left the car there suddenly decided it was worth a couple of grand and went after the new owner. No joy. I remember because a laptop was 2 grand at the time (how things change) and the guy said he would settle for one of those!

The new owner shoved it in a lock up for another 12 years before I came along and bought it. That's it in my pic.

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