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  1. I suppose the idea of burning someone alive just because they were going to blow up parliament too much in this day and age! so now it’s demanding money with menaces! Blame the film ET for introducing the idea to the Uk big time. Now we’ve got a paraffin heater to keep us warmer we will be out and about
  2. Just heard on the radio record numbers booking foreign travel with Spain in the lead. A bad summer let old Blighty down with the more traditional weather.
  3. Take it from me, the term “rights” is a flexible thing with a government with the size of this majority. not being political but only yesterday this government had its emergency powers nodded through for another 6 months. As parliament is sovereign, any rights can really be changed if there is a will. Just a thought
  4. Oh and not the vaccine. No matter what they say, we was still in the EU when it was invented. Members states could op out of the EU shared purchase scheme. What we did.
  5. Well, we go this angle then. Name the rules imposed on us that damaged our country. I’ll get a few of the easy ones off the table. Freedom of movement. Nope. We had control over that by limiting time but we chose not to. Metric system. Nope our choice to impose that. Blue passports. Nope. Countries could choose any colour. We chose red. European army. Nope. Just a discussion point. Needed 100% member agreement at least. over to you.
  6. It must be remembered that pure diesel has water naturally present in it. given time and enough fill ups every tank will develop a layer of water. All our back up generator packs have a drain plug in. you would be surprised at what comes out.
  7. Being policed is great; until it’s you being policed.
  8. So after spending a second day at the yacht station the wind really picked up making stern on mooring a bloody nightmare. So I did notice an over reliance on the bow thrusters that to be frank, weren’t man enough for the job resulting in frantic whining, jets of water and not much else as the boats just went with the wind. Still maintain that a short powerful burst of the main can work wonders.
  9. Voice of reason there. But if the Bloomberg article is correct, wind power failed to fill in the shortages some days in august . So if an all electric future is on the cards, I’d rather build nuclear
  10. Just to add that wind power has failed this year. Reserve coal power plants were brought online. Nuclear power anyone?
  11. wasn't there a yard in wroxham that had to offer mooring (two I think) as part of planning permission?
  12. Hybrid is not the final solution. They still involve an internal combustion engine that, given the government’s current plan, will still be banned. we investigated a new engine package and it was eye watering. it involves new wiring, dash, engine bearers, adapter plate for hydraulic drive and adaptations for throttle and direction. very much north of 6 grand. with an uncertain future it may be cost prohibitive for a new engine
  13. same happened to me. Check any fibre washers or replace any in doubt. its been some time dry. As told to me, you cant keep reusing some washers and it may be good practice to replace those that get disturbed. I did and it made a difference. Have a method to boost your battery. we had to cross connect with leisure battery to keep the amps up. The faster it spins the better. Its the last bit from pump to injectors that's the trick. At least on my engine you bleed two injectors and they fire, pump pressure clears the rest and I've seen that in action. Again, as others have said, be methodical, work in a logical way. It took more pumps on my lift pump than I would have thought.
  14. Couple of nights ago, a big hire boat on the brink of sunset, slotted into an empty stern on mooring in the private section of Richardson’s moorings on the way down to Simpsons. I wondered how it would go down if you came back to a full mooring?
  15. Spot on. That screw and spring under apparently is the base tick over speed. Indeed if I turn it the tick over increases but the spring just turns back to initial position. Going your route here. Similar to yours except mine isn’t on a nut but you have to disconnect the connection to the pump arm and turn it. just hoped you could do it with that screw. what was happening the engine was stalling under low revs when changing direction. A tick over of 900 keeps things smooth
  16. Fry bentos is my go to for a hearty meal if my arteries can stand it.
  17. My bathtub on a 1.5 bmc will hit about 9 miles to the gallon keeping to the limits. 45 gallon tank. Hammer it and this drops into 5 miles
  18. My bad! No the screw is a separate screw on the injector pump.
  19. Hi I’d like to increase the tick over of my bmc 1.5. so according to my manual, the tick over is controlled by a screw with a spring under it. found that, can adjust speed but as soon as I let go of screw the spring just returns it to its last position. am I missing something?
  20. Funny. My charger displays absolutely nothing when disconnected from the mains. And I hope it didn’t because that would mean it’s consuming power. I monitor the batteries by a separate NASA battery gauge. Is it meant to display anything when it’s off? Worth remembering that your fridge is working less now it’s cooler.
  21. Victron Bluetooth version here. Bluetooth via an app helps me keep an eye on the state of charge with ease allowing me to place it along side the battery bank and out of sight. it can also function without being connected to the batteries providing 12 volt power which is handy if you want to remove your batteries for winter but still need bilge pump. Keep in mind input amps from the shore, mine is 16amp, so no need to go wild with charging amps. 10 amps for me is plenty
  22. Who don’t like the sound people swearing as they slip on the wet quay heading?
  23. Oh and it’s called omega high because of its shape and it treats the Uk like a roundabout.
  24. Got this massive omega high right over the Uk bending the jet stream. this circles air to the north on the Ireland side and south from the Europe side. it’s a blocking weather pattern that sucks moist air in from Atlantic. if it happens the other way you get really hot summers and mild winters. That’s basically it. It’s a fine edge. In other years we’ve had the hot version and we are talking drought. The future? It’s starting to collapse as autumnal weather sets in. unsettled is the usual result
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