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Sad to report that the NBO has been hacked


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It is with regret that I have to report that the NBO has been hacked.

Some of our forum members are members on all of the Broads Forums, this message is posted as a means of information.


It is sad that any forum is treated in this way and I wish the moderators of the NBO a speedy recovery from this attack.




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Yes, a sad but ever present hazard when running a Public forum. It must be very frustrating for them.


Going by the post on their own forum on the subject, it was first noticed yesterday afternoon.


Once security has been breached to FTP extent, it really needs to be dealt with very quickly, aside from the user confidence.

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I remember when Viruses,Trojans and Hacking first appeared, back in the 1980's.


I worked in one of the early "IT" departments, and my employer sent me to one of Alan Soloman's first security seminars.


I've always remembered a point that he made very clear in those presentations.


The highly visual Hacks and Trojans are not the ones to fear (Corporately anyway). 


When they hit you, you know about it immediately, and can restore from a backup.


The ones to fear, and can really damage a business, are where they create subtle faults, over many weeks, thus infesting your backups, making them useless too.


Really damaging Trojans subtly make small errors in financial calculations for instance, completely undermining the customers' confidence.


As Jonzo said, the professional Hacker is much more attracted to high profile sites than small forums, (thank God).


Nevertheless, "apprentice hackers" may try to cut their teeth on Forums, because they contain user data, email addresses, passwords etc. which they can "harvest".


It's surprising how many people use the same user name and password for everything, which can be so dangerous when their ID details are breached on some poorly protected forums.

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