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This morning's chuckle courtesy of...


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The Canal and River Trust Map of Berkhampsted   


Now I suppose there is a clue in the title...but you would have thought the graphic designer would have realised....and what's with the strategically placed arrows? But then again I suppose if they are going to put these up on walls and signboards...it saves the kids doodling their own! 

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Now Frank, it really doesn't have to be explained to me.......we all know it's such a silly saying as the sword is much larger than the pen :naughty: and yes I am joking I completely understand what it means because I asked my dad, so there lol



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Mowjo, in  life I have always found blonds to understand such things. Gingers, on the other hand, different  kettle of fish altogether  :eek:


having lead such a sheltered life I wondered if someone could explain something to me...


Picture the scene, Tesco Friday night...every check out bar one is manned or 'womanned' by a young lady of the ginger persuasion. Now that needs no explanation...I live in a small town and I am one of the few inhabitants that is not related to everyone else living in town...no, what needs some explanation is that everyone of the ginger haired checkout assistants had dyed their hair jet black, except for about three inches of flame red hair roots. What's that all about?

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On the BBC today...The future of Broadland Bachelor Party Boat Crew attire. The facekini? THE FACEKINI? We were getting used to the mankini becoming a regular feature of the bachelor party boat crew, with deflated wearers of said garment now greeted with the 'how original we've not seen that before, no honestly' eye roll :roll: . But I can see in the future the mankini/facekini combo. Anyone remember Kendo Nagasaki from the Saturday Evening Wrestling on ITV?


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