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Evening all

Doing a little more homework on the costings of buying our first boat. Can one of you lovely people confirm the toll to be paid for a freeman 23 would be £196.36.

The length is 7.09m and the beam is 2.29.

Can anyone also point us in the direction of moorings. My homework so far has shown moorings can be anything upwards of £180 per metre per annum. Just looking for a basic mooring to start with no too worried about electric or water.

Hope some of you can help. Any advice at all on buying a boat will be greatly received.


Steve & Deb

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Hi Steve and Deb,


I'm not sure about norfolk costs so I'm too interested to see what the costs are (I'm hoping on £2k a year though)..


Regarding a owning a boat.. I thought long and hard about getting another boat... (neglecting the fact that my folks have a boat in norfolk).. I like the gym analogy; you really have to use the boat to get any value from it, it cost a fortune, there will be times where you just don't want to use it (i.e you would rather go to a beach holiday which you wont be able to afford now!), they are almost impossible to get rid off! Hiring a boat makes much more sense as you get to go on many different boats (Even posh new ones)!... (despite all this and despite my parents having a boat we still went ahead and got our third boat!)... 


Only couple of tips I can offer about buying one.. Don't buy the first one you see... have a good look around and take your time.. enjoy looking around - its the best bit!! Also do get a survey (Most boats have serious issues on them - Look at our project.. its got a 6inch tear in the hull!!) or have a very good look before you commit.


Good luck :) 

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Many years ago back in the early 1970s my brother and I went to look at a wooden sailing boat. He bought it - at the time we wondered what 'that smell' was..............it was ...............incidentally he still owns it. Do take care. I own a boat or two and know :(

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Steve! a lot depends on what you want from a mooring, Jons is nice but what I call a working yard, if your coming down and going out it's fine but not the sort of yard you might want to just spend the weekend sitting in, but he is one of the cheaper ones, we moor at Broadsedge and will often spend a whole week in the yard because it has lots of grass and there's always other about, next door you have Broadsgate all very basic but cheapish, Richardsons as well, about the same price as ours, but personally too crowded for me, my advice is decide where you want to be on the Broads, North or South and visit as many Marinas as you can, you will get the feel for the one you want to moor in and what you want from it, Personally I would never moor anywhere else other than Broadsedge but that could be because we have been there a long time and know lots of the others there, but if as you say your just looking for a basic mooring Jon at Wayford is a good bet and the run from there up to the main river is one of the best parts of the Broads, if you stay away from places like Horning you should even get a bit of change from your £180, I'm a Freeman fan so I'm always looking at them and there are some nice ones for sale at the moment for not a lot of money, but try and hang on for a diesel one unless you like having to carry Jerry cans around, I think the only petrol around now is from Garages,  the cost of running a boat depends on many things, personally I don't think it's that expensive and we are on a tight budget,  we worked out our Hampton 25 cost us under 2k a year to run, that's for river tax, insurance, moorings, diesel, a yearly service, that's with 114 days out on her this year but we live fairly local,  your biggest expense will be your traveling to and from the boat and it's often the reason a lot of people end up selling their boats or not using them much, apart from the cost of running one you have to factor in the cost of the traveling, as nice as it is owning your own boat if your only going to use it for the odd weekend you would probably be better off hiring, the 2k a year just to own it would get you a couple of weeks of hire, plus you have to factor in the cost of buying one and all the traveling to it, the best bit about owning your own is you have it 52 weeks of the year, but again you have to get the use out of it to justify the cost of owning one,,,



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Griff! he's after a Plastic Pig not a Woody, a wise man once said to me! why do you want all those gadgets on a boat? keep it basic there's less to go wrong and you'll never use or need half of them anyway! Yup! Jason gave me some good advice, I think that B.O.A.T thing only applies if you buy all your stuff from the Swindlers, everything I buy comes from tinternet, I learnt that a long time ago when I went in a well known Swindlers to buy a SS Fairlead, they wanted £15 each, I bought two exactly the same from tinternet  under £5 each Freepost, anyway your just trying to scare people off buying boats so you have the Broads all to yourself, you already take up half of them with that Stick boat of yours,, :P



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Thank you Frank ...... And Griff

I'm fortunate to have a fully expensed company vehicle so the travelling to and from is not really an issue. I pay up front through a large amount of company car tax though :)

I actually spoke to a gentleman at Broadsedge but he has no permanent moorings available right now, he did say to call when we have chosen a boat and he would be able to help us with a temp mooring until we found something permanent. Great customer service.

We are looking both North and South so keeping all options open. Looks like our week on pacific star may be a perfect time do some hands on research lol


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Hello Steve & Deb,

There is a wealth of information in our forum pages that is accessible to you but you do have to search through the various headed sections, be it boat yards, BSS inspectors, engineers and even mooring information.

The last update of our mooring information was in October 2013.

Here is a short cut to that section.




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Hi Steve! that would be David you spoke to, if your around have a look at Broadsedge, I'm pretty sure you and Deb would love it, but I'm biased, David would try and fit you in on a temp basis, but now it's getting to the time of year where people sell up or move on, so a permanent could come up quickly, and once your in you'll get priority,



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