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Rt is a very accommodating lady when it comes to the leg over Iain  :naughty:  and those doors have already come into good use to retrieve a man overboard; but that rear well does get used as an 'up bung and stuffit' area especially regarding fishing tackle. I brought all of the fishing tackle back home with me with the intention of sorting everything out into two sets of tackle. One set for use at home and one set for the boat.


I've always been a 13ft match rod kind of bloke but now that good fishing rods are relatively cheap over the internet I invested in some shorter Drennan rods for the boat, float, ledger and spinning. On my long list of 'to do's' I have to design a seat box/tackle storage unit for the rear well of RT. I've tried bed chairs, deck chairs...every type of chair there is going for fishing and the result has been a steady stream of family photographs where I've fallen through the chair bottom. I want to design a box with plenty of drawers that fits exactly into the rear well of RT (once on board the top step is at mid thigh height so a box of drawers would be easily accessible when fishing from the back of the boat) but will be in hardwood to match the cabin sides yet also has a mud feet system attached so that I can take the box out and put it on the bank as a seat.


I also want to come up with a design so that I can store made up rods on the roof of the boat safely and securely. I used to make up the rods and use bands made out of old inner tube to secure them to the grab rails of hire boats. That way any light fingered Larry would be presented with a spot of bother trying to lift the rods quickly and give me time to get out of bed and apply a thump in the ear-hole, but RT's grab rails are solid timber so I need to come up with a more durable and secure method.

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Oh I dunno...I think I'm just as bad for things loafing on the roof!





That is one stunning boat.


When i was a lot younger, I always wanted to hire the latest most modern fibreglass cruiser, whereas now, i appreciate the classic style, warmth, and character of timber boats, that`s why we hired Swallow so often.


Is she yours Timbo?.

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I'm proud to say that's she's mine Speedtriple, but then like all the old Broads boats I think a little bit of her belongs to everyone. I think that 'ol 650XS has a bit of a soft spot for her, and I like to get Nigel Royall's input too. Just like you I always wanted to hire the best bit of fibreglass going but deep down it's been wooden boats since my first trip on board Captain XII.


2012 we were moored at Ludham Bridge when a young lad, around six or seven, and his mum walked past Royal Tudor.
"That's a proper boat Mum!" the lad exclaimed running his hand along RT's varnished cabin sides.
"Don't you like our boat then?" asked a crestfallen Mum as they climbed aboard Clive's Broadsman moored behind us.
"Yes but when I grow up...I want one like that!" said the lad...future wooden boat owner.

It made my year to be honest, and I suppose a part of Royal Tudor belongs to that young lad too.

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