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Father's Day


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Hi Dads


Hope you are all having a lovely day......we have just got back from taking my dad, husband and brothers (all dads) from a Carvery which was yummy, had a couple of very nice glasses of red which looks like a few more will be consumed as they have all ended up at mine (will get the cheap bottles out and save the nice stuff for later lol), anyway, we have had a bit of a discussion about the difference between a Roast dinner and a Carvery, as far as I am concerned the only difference is the meat is carved in front of you, other than that it's a Roast (I know, really need to get out more) but at the end of the day whether it's carved in front of you or in the kitchen it's just a bloody Roast lol



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had a lovely day, started off visiting my dad and taking him grocery shopping for all the heavy stuff (in the car- 30 mile round trip), then back home dropping into the allotment to pick up a car load of rubbish removed from the new half plot I have just got, then home, and straight out to pick up a treadmill and exercise bike from my Aunts (30 mile round trip in the other direction to the morning) unloaded that, after spending half an hour tidying to make space, squeezed in a coffee and sandwich, and then out in the garden to pick fruit (3 tubs of raspberries), then dinnertime, bath and bed. my daughter did give me a card and new tee shirt.


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I spent all day laying pathing yesterday after building a retension wall from 18 x 9 x 9 blocks (well they should have been but were metric equivalents 44 x 21 x 21cm) on Saturday.


I had my Bestman Chris & Mike mixing for me on Saturday but yesterday it was just down to Chris and me, Chris had forgotten that it was Fathersday so one of his daughters called at our house we a few edible gifts and cards.


Mike left a card for me when he left for work and Stuart and Joanne called in around 4.00pm with a card and gifts from them & Mike. 


Tea was down to me as usual no repreive for Fathers Day. :naughty:


I hope all you other Fathers had a great day.




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Spent on the boat with the wife and youngest before he flies back to India to work!!

Cruised back from Beccles to brundall. Stopped at Somerleyton for lunch.

Bit breezy but not cold and a bit of sun now and again once the early rain shower cleared up.

Could only have been better by a) not having to drive, B) having more beer as a result of a) and c) not having to go home to get ready for work today.

And maybe drowning a few maggots.

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