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How many Orca's?


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What I want to know is how many are there on the Broads?


Moored up at Somerleyton on Sunday and this boat pulls in behind us. Wow I thought it must be Alan on Orca (despite it not looking like any of the pictures I had seen which may have been a give away - dooh!!).


So up I go with a hi Alan, to be confronted with blank stares! After a a bit of a chat and explaining myself it turns out he bought this boat from a guy called Alan, but this Alan lives up on the North Broads.


So Alan, is this an old Orca, did you do some dodgy dealing or is this the worlds best coincidence?

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Lol whoops sorry Mark.. We have seen this one actually.. looks good.. I think it's actually a popular name, although probably not because of the film "Jaws" which ours was named after, but other things.. 1 being it's an apex predictor and the native american connection. 


According to Craig's list.. there's 15 (Excluding ours as she's not ended up on there yet) Orca's on the broads (at one point):




Don't worry though you won't miss us Mark when you see us lol ;) I look like a chav and Dave looks like a punk rocker.. and we will probably be zigzagging (Pesky Wind.. (hic) ) cheers

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The guy said he had owned her about a year.


I did pass on the forum details so you never know he may join up.



    Chav's, punks, boat names that are 2 a penny - totally common!! Disgraceful.


Only another 14 Orca's to go before we might spot you then.


I just couldn't believe the location and the name of the guy he bought it from. cheersbar

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Sorry ....but....NO!!!  There is only one ORCA,  the rest are copies! We as in Forum Members didny follow that big dod of metal over a long period of time. So there :P  It has been decreed only wan ORCA......Alan's !!! :clap  :clap  :clap The plastic version! :naughty: 



cheers Iain.

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Thank you JM, I take that as a huge compliment coming from you.....my very witty other half reckons if they had a degree in buying shoes and drinking wine I would pass with honours lol  :trophy




p.s By the way, I am not ginger, not sure about Jaws though, I think he may be blonde  :naughty:

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