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Duet 2 v's Waveney


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Thank you,   is it a hire boat?   May be went in there at high tide,  trouble is the South is not like the North that only goes up and down a gnats fraction with the tides.   South is a different ball game.There are informal moorings down South but you have to know them.    A different story up North as with a bit of care you can moor at every pile of bricks going.


I do hope they managed to get the boat moved without too much damage,  at least is it nosed in and not prop in.    I do believe if you nose in you have half a chance of getting back out again.

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It was a flood tide the night before although the morning tide was much lower. I guessed they moored up there when it was on flood although Steve (LadyP) who left beccles 30 mins before us (The following morning) said they had left a few moments before only to be spotted up the bank. Perhaps a breakdown.. Certainly hope they got off and all are all well.. I did consider radioing through to the rangers but I've never seen one that far upstream. 

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Anyone remember the old "ducking stool"?


"Cucking and ducking stools, a method of punishment by means of humiliation, beating, or death. The cucking stool (also known as a “scolding stool” or a “stool of repentance”) was in most cases a commode or toilet, placed in public view, upon which the targeted person was forced to sit—usually by restraint, and often while being paraded through the town. The consequences of the ducking stool were far more severe. In use in England by the 17th century, the apparatus consisted of a wooden or iron armchair onto which the culprit was strapped. The chair was attached to a long wooden beam, usually located alongside a pond or river, and was lowered into the water. Repeated duckings routinely proved fatal, the victim dying of shock or drowning".


Perhaps that's going a bit too far?

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