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If tommorrow ever comes......


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Hi all,

Well tomorrow , Cheese and the cheese-lets are going for a fortnight on Richardson's Broadsman  evenly divided up between the north and south.

A big thank you to the London Rascal for re-lighting the Broads fire again and his You Tube output that has done more than anything for tourism than any official effort.

And to you fellow forum members, those who have entertained and informed, your efforts are highly welcomed.

I consider this fair warning for any mooring blunders, reversing bloopers and general "what the hell" moments.



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I'm pleased I helped 'light your fire' but I must warn you, once the flames are going it is hard to put out this Broadland fire that burns deep within ones soul.

Blimey bit deep for Thursday afternoon...

If you're around the northern rivers come Friday afternoon through to Sunday keep an eye of for White Champagne and Broad Ambition - as I will be about  then myself :)

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Hi all.

Got to say it.

You can stick wroxham. 

It's all about Beccles. What a place. Has space to moor and plenty of ways to spend your hard earned.

And a great fish and chip shop.

Which one do you mean?

If we moor at the Yacht Station we use the Ravensmere Fish & Chip Shop next to the Royal Oak on Ravensmere but if we moor on the floating pontoon outside the Lido we go to the Beccles Fish Bar on Smallgate.

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Hi all 

The smallgate one, and if my arteries fur up a little it was worth it.

Schoolboy error today. Tide tables studied and I thought I could leave any morning over the weekend but I never figured the sunrise time.

So a cruise to reedham, a bit dead but more in holiday report later, then a push against the tide back over.

Engine right up and pushed out of the way by a privateer but that can wait.

Straceys mill now and a wonderful sunset again.


Cheesey and co


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