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  2. Another item that was on our 'Upgrade List' was to balance the wheelhouse sash sides. It's been bothering us for an age now, ever since we recommissioned back in October of 07 tbh. No end of times our Lady crew state ' Can you put the side up' (Cold / drafty is the normal whinge) The reason they ask is that they are too heavy to lift up easily, especially the Stbd one and the seating is between you and the sash side. The reason they are not balance correctly? - Well Jack Powles boat builders gottem right. However we had to replicate them and make new ones during the restoration. So we did (Well The Wizard did to be precise). We enhanced them, solid heavier hardwood (Iroko), proper glass, draft returns on the door frames, better locks, Oak dressing pieces etc etc. All this enhancing was fine, but as well as making them sturdier / stronger, it also made them heavier. We did not take this into account, therefore no more lead was added to the original lead weights that run down the inside of the posts on a wheel / chain system. As a consequence pushing them down is a one finger jobby, lifting them up however is, Brace yersen, assume the position and shove - Hard. This could not go on, we have been putting off this upgrade for an age now as we knew just how hard it was going to be. Now was the time however, it was not to be put off any longer Griff
  3. Found them! I hope Peter doesn't mind, but these are the images showing the old reach names that he posted a few years ago which might be of interest.
  4. BroadAmbition


    Also if the Blessed Authority are really that tight on funding, why do they blatantly waste so much of it on projects well outside their remit? Just one example £30'000, yes that's right Thirty Thousand beer chits on changing signage all over the parish just to push out a lie Griff
  5. Today
  6. Yes, Howard is right - Dungeon Corner is the tight, almost 90 degree bend in that stretch of river. I've attempted to discover how it got that name a few times in the past, but have yet to come up with an answer. Carol
  7. ....I think this is it with Dungeon Corner just left of Centre
  8. On the way up to the boat,just stoped at McDonald's for breakfast. A photo of today's Shirt,a present from Marina the Red Arrows. Have a great weekend everyone.
  9. EastCoastIPA


    Sorry MM quite often I read your posts and think he's talking a lot of sense there, however the above isn't one of them. The system is unfair, but only to the few that launch or purchase a boat part way through the season. If correcting this robbery meant a slight loss of income to the BA that had to be raised from all toll payers, the increase would be extremely minimal. You are as guilty as Marshman of trying to use "scare" tactics, be AWARE the BA will use any excuse to take more money from you, don't rock the boat etc. That is wrong, if there is an injustice, it needs to be sorted. We shouldn't be scared to raise our point for fear of the BA using it as a way to fleece more money from us. I would argue two further points, if a minimal increase was needed from everyone to make the system fairer for everyone then so be it. However, the whole tolls system is a lot more computerised, automatic and streamlined than it was 15 years ago when paper toll plaques were being printed and posted and payments weren't made online. In which case there is a definite argument that the tolls should have been reduced for everyone to reflect those savings in overall administration and overheads. Those savings more than adequately cover any minimal loss of toll revenue to the BA by them making the system fairer.
  10. Updated list Full English Breakfast The Red Lion in Coltishall A Piece Of Cake in Coltishall Charlotte’s in Hoveton River Kitchen in Hoveton The Wherryman's Cafe in Wroxham Cafe 14 in Wroxham The Old Mill Cafe in Wroxham The Wayfarers Cafe at Ludham Bridge The Café by Stalham petrol station Wayford Bridge Inn Meales Garden Centre which is just along from Wayford Bridge Inn The Maltsters Ranworth are going to start serving takeaway breakfast wraps BridgeStones at Potter Heigham Flour & Bean at Potter Heigham Scooters Cafe in The Street Acle Stracey Arms Mill Shop and Tea Rooms in Tunstall Everitt Park Cafe at Oulton Broad Wherry Hotel in Oulton Broad WRC on the Waveney Rosie Lee's Tea Room in Loddon The Ship in Reedham (check after Easter) The Surlingham Ferry Inn The Coffee Shop Brundall East Hills Cafe in Brundall The Town House in Thorpe St Andrew Thanks everyone, keep them coming
  11. Ah.... Hindsight is a wonderful thing though. So many cars that have become unexpected classics. The RWD version is very rare though and yes they are worth pretty decent money now if in good condition (and even if they're not). https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283455439642 There are some problems as you'd expect of something engineered by a company in its death throes, but when they're worth what they are it's worth sorting them. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  12. MauriceMynah


    To ECIPA, It occurs to me that if a system exists that saves the boater money, then whether or not it's fairer, it still means that the BA lose money. If the BA lose money from toll payers, it will recoup it by a toll increase. If you want to hand the BA a genuine excuse for a raising the tolls rate, that's all fine and dandy, but it seems to me that the overall cost to those who suffer from this "unfairness" will be lower than those who will have to pay for it's removal. You tell me that there are things called 'computers' which could handle such a change. Might I make so bold as to suggest that there are things that will find ways to abuse such changes. They're called 'People'. :-)
  13. I believe they are between the Martham farm 'ferry' crossing and West Somerton but I'm sure Carol will correct me if I am wrong! A very pretty stretch which sadly we don't get to see that often. Must be about six years since I've been up there.
  14. I guess the real jewel would be the rear wheel drive Rover 75 V8. With it's longitudinal Mustang "Lump" it must be sought after like some of the other contempary "Super Saloons" The Ford Cosworths, Mercedes 190 Cosworth and Vauxhall Lotus Carlton. The latter I also had as a company car. I could have purchased it from the company at it's depreciated value (straight line to zero over 4 years) what an idiot I was! It just went to BCA like the rest of of our fleet disposals.
  15. Stretching the old workhorses legs (02 reg 75 tourer) tomorrow to unpack the boat and clean it up. It’s also done a number of trips to Martham this year readying the woodie too... i have done things the other way around to most with regards to cars. Went from a MGZT to an XF 3.0l twin turbo Jag. Had the Jag for a year and a bit, only put 3500 miles on it in that time. Although I loved the car a lot, the running, yearly servicing costs , added to watching it sit outside the house devaluing not really getting used, also not wanting to use it on certain trips in case it got knocked in a car park, I chopped it in for the 75. Load what you want in to it, as comfortable as the Jag, cheap to run and for the price I paid for it it will never lose anything. Not bad when all that’s had to be done was a service (parts only, did it myself, no need for stamps at 17years old), two tyres and a set of wipers. That’s a years worth of motoring approx 5000 miles on a fraction on the running costs of the Jag. (The wife has one of the new MG’s ZS auto since Oct last year. I must say I’m very impressed especially for the price plus the 0% finance and all the toys). Before that she had an MG3, also a great little car very under rated as were the MG Rover group motors. Come what may of that EU thing-me-Bob it may have made sense to hold on to what was once the family silver? Cheers Paul
  16. Yesterday
  17. Now that is what I call a proper organ! Love the sound they make.
  18. I've never heard the names. Where are they?
  19. Yes Hoveton Viaduct is the best option for a Wroxham stopover in my view, assuming you can get through the bridge. It's quiet, usually easy to find a space and yet a short, pleasant walk from the village. It's also the closest mooring to Hoveton and Wroxham Station which has come in handy on occasion.
  20. I remember the very first time seeing the 3 rivers race we were in a bungalow at potter, we'd never heard of it with 3 small lads sat on the front watching these yatchs racing up & down the river what a magic site, we sat up all night watching these big sails coming across the lawn , the lads were hooked ,that was back in the mid 80s,
  21. https://www.gtplanet.net/mazdas-miller-madness-mazda-xedos-9/ Mazda have built some truly mad things over the years, although you have to sort of love them for it
  22. wasn't it the Xedos that used the "5 Stroke" Miller engine?
  23. Thank you for that very good explanation, It should be kept for future posts on that " bridge "
  24. We love to moor at Hoveton Viaduct Moorings, because it`s a 5 minute walk to Hoveton (always known as Wroxham), and is very peaceful, with good fishing. Last year, we walked into Hoveton, bought fish and chips, and sat on Lightning fishing into the dark. It looked stunning in the evening, with the river looking like a mill pond with a mirror like surface. It`s also great for the wildlife too.
  25. That would mean you would have to have the inverter on for long periods of time if you’re unable to be on shore power , can be a major drain on your domestic batteries
  26. I noted in the past that it was also referred to as Kendal Dyke/Dike in the late 19th century by both P.H. Emerson (in 'On English Lagoons') and by George Christopher Davies in his "Handbook to the Rivers & Broads of Norfolk & Suffolk'. I often wondered if it was a dialect thing in that they wrote it down as they heard it pronounced. Having said that, there are other instances of places being known under slightly different names like Dydler's Mill which I've also seen as Dydall's Mill. Whilst on the subject, and in the Upper Thurne area, does anyone know why Dungeon Reach and Dungeon Corner are so named? I'm sure that Peter Waller once posted a list of all the old reach names in the dim and distant past ..... perhaps on another forum. Carol
  27. One last question. Really pleased with our choice of vessel, as said been before and first 3 times on Northern Broads and last time went south. 5he broom cadet says it has DVtT with HDMI slot. My question is could you use a fire stick or other on the broads. Either through direct internet or hot spot. ... it’s not a big issue but kids have asked about possible taking them later in the month
  28. Many Thanks, Cambridgecabby. I take it Delia is A broom 30 cadet . Seen a d been reading your posts on the forums and very informative and objective when required
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