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  1. I believe that the comment above should go a long way in having a calming influence on the doubts and suspicion that many of my generation have harboured in the light of adverse articles of late in the media towards Facebook and the amazing use of Twitter by a well known gentleman. It is good to know that there will be a measured control and discipline across both platforms. I for one don't always like it or agree with it but it is so very important within our community in the long term. Andrew
  2. Never did read it. Always felt that actions speak louder than words. I wonder what became of Lynda.
  3. ECIPA. You must plough your own furrow. For me all I see is smoke and mirrors. Perhaps I am of a different generation and would like to leave it as that. It has served me well in the past. Andrew
  4. Your reply would seem to suggest that you are aware. That I believe adds to the lack of transparency and credibility and accountability of Facebook. We provide our names, they do not. But no real issue i suppose in the scheme of things, I do not wish to escalate this any further unless it impacts against the forum which to my mind is paramount towards the future and advancement of the Broads as we remember it and as to its future. Facebook will not contribute to that vision.
  5. May I refer to the original post. Falling in the water.For some a bit of a laugh. For others it can lead to life changing injuries, as witnessed at the tragic incident last year at Acle where an elderly lady suffered life changing injuries to her foot. Caused initially, by falling in the water and being in contact with a propeller. According to the statistics the number of people entering the water inadvertently, last year, discounting those who who capsized dinghies etc or from any water sports where entry into the water is predictable. For 2017 the total amounts to: Twelve. Clearly a statistic which is a nonsense. As for hospital treatment, some 36. A considerable increase on previous years going back to 1993. As quoted from the report it would seem as if that disembarkation and falling in remains to be the main activity which results in injury and potential for drowning.. Andrew
  6. May I suggest credibility and accountability Andrew.
  7. That would be his striped blazer complimented by the Broads National Park cravat. JM has most editions.
  8. May I ask who are the moderators on Facebook. Andrew
  9. Knots 3D is also very good. Cost £1.20. Similar to animated knots by grog but can be shown at whatever speed you wish. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. And that is why our safety record on the broads is second to none.
  11. I have to agree with regard to a reasonable set up. However the cost is surely what you pay is what you get. Some of the systems that I have seen are unbelievable. However without going into any further detail there is no doubt in my mind that it can be very invasive. I have been in a position where for several years I have seen the advancement made in the technology. Eastcoast, I have found our difference in opinion interesting, without malice, and constructive. However I do not want to see this type of intrusion on my rivers, indeed your rivers and all who hold this belief to be true. Andrew
  12. CCTV can be very expensive in terms of cost and maintenance, And in my experience a site such as the ferry at Reedham would require more than one camera, possibly three. Completely unjustified even for a single camera. Andrew
  13. With respect your dashcam example has little or no bearing on this particular incident regarding the installation of a webcam at the Ferry. I doubt very much if the detail from a webcam would provide conclusive evidence in this particular matter or future incidents. As for Facebook I will leave that comment for another day. Andrew
  14. Looking at records going back some 25 years I can see no mention of any serious incident at Reedham Ferry ( although I do except that an incident may have occurred but not recorded but I doubt it) A webcam would give you an indication of events but would not be able to record the tidal flow or wind speed, all relevant to establishing who was to blame and what lessons could be learnt - if any. I doubt if Mr Archer would gain much by looking at footage if he was indeed inclined to do so. I can see no value whatsoever in installing a web camera or indeed a surveillance camera. For a civil court case perhaps, does anybody really care who was to blame except perhaps the poor ferry man or the cruiser helm. I suspect that there are more important matters to attend.
  15. I have not quite got it clear in my mind as to what exactly such a camera would achieve. Andrew
  16. A reasonable question is why do we need Facebook. I would have thought that the forum is perfectly adequate for most peoples needs. Andrew
  17. CCTV would not stop it happening. Who would operate it. Who would be responsible for maintaining the copies of recordings that would be required. Who would be allowed to view the recordings. There is a whole raft of legislation governing public surveillance cameras. Finally do you wish for your holiday experience to be recorded throughout your journey. It could come to that.
  18. Surely lights and CCTV is a knee jerk reaction. A ferry has been on this site since the seventeen hundreds in one shape or another. Indeed there were somewhere in the region of twenty ferries on the river Yard at one time, the majority being rowing boats for passengers only but some would take a horse and cart. As for incidents, as of now, very few and far between and I can see no justification whatsoever in escalating this matter into a major incident. In conclusion stay clear of the thing, that is all that is needed. Andrew
  19. A wherry and a ferry is a wondrous thing Do not challenge for a point to make. Or bring. Just pass on by with a cheery wave. Avoid the risk of being proud And brave.
  20. Is there not a notice on the river bank which states that you should not cross until the ferry has reached its destination. Andrew
  21. Would a new visitors center at Acle compliment How Hill, duplicate the facility, or replace it? Or perhaps provide a "new experience" yet to be defined. Andrew
  22. Smoggy surely it is as stated"they are considered fair game for criticisms" which is not "we" consider them fair game for criticisms. Therefore may I suggest that it is not a forum position.
  23. It was a funny old day yesterday in Norfolk. Blast me that were hot, I dint know what to do with meself what with her a naggen on an on about all the things that need doin. So I though wot I’ll do is have a little sit under me new gazebo. (My last one blew away last year onto Halvergate marsh somewhere). Well as soon as I got settled that started. No not her, Rodgers bloody combine, I knew suffin was up cos everytime he goes backwards in it a loud siren goes orf to tell anyone daft enough not to stand behind it. Well you never saw nuffin loike it A gret old cloud of chaff come out of the thing…………..and fell on me and me new gazebo, and that’s not all, half on it went in me cup of tea that she hed brought me. Well I sed to her I sed come on together I’m orf to Reedham I sed. And so orf we went. To sit on me wall. Well when I got there I hed to go roight down the end, past the Nelson to park me car, you know the bit nearest the bridge. Well no sooner had I got settled than she sed to me she sed we wunt stop long she said cos we hed got a lot to do. I think that she does it on purpose to wind me up I do. The quay was a full of boats, all shapes and sizes, and the tide that wus a cumin in loike I’ve never seen afore. That wus goin so fast some of them boats goin up river could hardly steer and those goin down river well some on em hardly made any head way at all, at all. Now that what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth. In front of me was one of those here picnic boats I dunt know why they call them picnic boats. How the hell do you have a picnic on a boat, there int no where to lay your rug and everyone to sit round it is there? Oi did not believe me eyes. On this boat there was a load of young uns together with an older women. There wuz 2 boys and 2 girls the rest of em bein in the pub. Well they hed all put their swimmin gear on. Trunks and bikinis and all that malarkey. And that’s not all they all had large rubber rings loike you see on a beach. Well I thought that’s a grand old do. I hint never seen anything loike it in me life. They then started to go down the heading to find a space between a boat to get in the water. Now as I said afore, that tide was a runnen fast, they wont had stood a chance. Fust of all they would have been swept up river as soon as they hed got in. And another thing how would they hev got out? Not on the quay or the reed banks further up river and no man or beast would hev been able to have swum against that tide. It would have been all hell up. I dint no wot to do. So I sed to her I sed I think that I ort to have a word I sed, and she sed “if you wish darling.” I wuz just about to say my bit when a long came that new quay assistant bloke. Now that was fourternut fortinut fortunit lucky, cos he has his lunch break up until two a clock. Now I thought that he would hev bin in a bit of a lather with them a wanting to go for a swim orf his quay. But all he sed to them wuz if you go in you wont get out and I wont go in for you. They started to moan but he dint hev any onit and he sed to them he sed get back on the boat he sed. Now wunt that a rummin!
  24. All that I can say, with my vast experience is..................................enjoy!
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