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  1. dont forget mate if plod is in a bad mood you are wrongly parked, facing traffic
  2. hope you turn the car round before it gets dark iain
  3. If you got rain for two weeks, you came off walking around like an orang-utan! thats what happened to you we did wonder
  4. outside bridge stores acle,before the quay heading was renovated
  5. Don't forget Dawncraft of Wroxham. Myself and 2 friends hired this one, September Dawn, in 1965(I think) taken at Coltishall Lock and just the year before we hired 'Dawn Huntress' as a family shown here at Potter. how could I bill , hired silver dawn 1970
  6. mr toad was constellation 1, s644 which i hired in1973 from chumley and hawke
  7. VetChugger, is that the shed on the opposite side of the lane from Landamores main yard - the shed where the Vestellas were located in their hiring days. I can answer that yes, that was where my boat used to live and where i bought it from
  8. vetchugger, was your pic taken at landamores? looks like chameleon behind mr toad
  9. can i book half a mooring seeing as chameleon is only half a woodie.lol
  10. he definition of "the work place" has been a sticky wicket from day one. If for example I was a gardener, would I be allowed to smoke in somebody's garden? this happens john, gardeners working for north lincs council and also the park warden at a large country park are not allowed to smoke at work
  11. Those theiving scumbags lori,steal the bags,store them in a self store container,once full they pack a shipping container and send them to the eastern block, where they get good money. over here they run about in uptodate BMWs and the like. this informatoin comes from a local self store /shipping company, one of my customers
  12. 2) Choice is not the issue when one is trying to protect the health of the uninitiated. a very pompous and patronising remark where are all the non smokers who wouldnt enter pubs because of smoking, then when they got smoking banned still never entered pubs but found another excuse to stay away
  13. yeah the pack ice is that bad even the eskimos are staying in their igloos
  14. its here as well on the river trent
  15. think it's time you read george orwell's 1984 robin big brother we dont need
  16. works ok here but £2185 for 2 weeks in may on crtstal horizon is a bit steep
  17. thats the answer alan,always have the right gear in the boot,I learned to drive in the snow of 63 and got plenty of practice round longnor derbyshire
  18. snow tyres? do you live in outer mongolia?, never needed them in over 40 years driving in all conditions even used to live in the peak district near buxton and have driven in deep snow many times
  19. is our buddy from gainsborough branching out or is he finding a job for uncle albert?
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