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  1. SteveP

    Bb Webcam

    Yes it's a much better picture but someone from BB needs to adjust the field, roll on March for another visit.
  2. Afternoon all, According to the BCBM website there is a full share for sale on Evening Shadow, does anyone have any details? Thanks
  3. I've only been on the network forum a few days, I had thought it was all about the broads but it's obvious this is where they get the scripts for new 'Carry On' films, i'm impressed and amused. SteveP Carry On.
  4. SteveP


    Beckland B&B in Brundall is listed in the Accommodation section of Handy Information, I rang them this morning to book a room and the lady told me they are no longer in business.
  5. Vanessan, Thanks for the welcome,I would love to own a boat but short of winning the lottery it's not going to happen but I can keep dreaming. I have begun to look at the possibility of a part share ownership but to be honest i'm not too sure how it works regarding the initial outlay, running costs etc. I have looked at budgets on the BCBM site but it's still as clear as mud to me. Thanks to everyone for the welcome. SteveP
  6. Me and my wife really love coming on the broads and first came in the early nineties,perhaps one day I'll learn to moor stern on! I've only joined just now as being over 14 I could never master the technology of mobiles etc.until now.Back on the broads on Swan Renown in March, can't wait. Anyway as I said ,hello to everyone
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