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  1. Thanks for the reply, I thought it might, I can live with it for now, i'll tell myself it adds character.
  2. Hi All, I'm in the process of buying an ex hire boat, one with bright orange paint upperworks that you can't lose in the car park, in one or two small areas there are slight variations in the shade of orange and I was wondering if it's possible to 'touch in' these areas to match or is it best left to the professionals. Does it have to a sharp intake of breath expensive or could it be a DIY job? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Steve
  3. It know you said you were a bit iffy on spelling, no big deal we all make those mistakes, but you asked me if I had a problem with people who "can't spell correctly "; I answered you NO I DON'T. You still seem not to have read it, it's perfectly clear.Read what I said not what you thought I might have said. This is getting ludicrous.
  4. Please read my reply that you've quoted, it says I don't have a problem with typos!
  5. No I don't, I have a problem with people who bulk buy toilet rolls so that others can't and then post photos gloatng about it.
  6. May I gently suggest that if you have Crohn's as I do then you learn to spell it.
  7. I really don't know a great deal about the BA, but how on earth will ignoring this issue prevent people " dying all over the world". Am I missing something here.
  8. Thanks to all for the responses re. Ranworth, I don't mind water but prefer it with hops 'n stuff in it
  9. Is there water at Ranworth ? I can't keep drinking stella instead, well I can but lady P complains!
  10. Yes it's true, Richardsons are charging £3 for a map that I paid £5 for in 2008 from Faircraft Ps there is no water at Womack🍺
  11. Saying it's a fact doesn't make it one, to be a fact it would have to be objective and verifiable, man made global warming is neither and remains a theory.
  12. I'm afraid you will search in vain for any argument against man made global warming on the BBC, it's official BBC policy not to give air time to anyone that doesn't agree with their global warming narrative. Despite their charter insisting on impartiality they have made a conscious decision to effectively ban debate on the issue. No wonder people get cynical. The BBC position now seems to be " yes of course you can believe what you want, so long as you agree with me". PS I don't claim to know if man made warming is real or not but I do know that where one side of an debate is deliberately quashed, something stinks.
  13. SteveP

    Bb Webcam

    Yes it's a much better picture but someone from BB needs to adjust the field, roll on March for another visit.
  14. Afternoon all, According to the BCBM website there is a full share for sale on Evening Shadow, does anyone have any details? Thanks
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