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  1. Have the army been informed to protect the supply?
  2. Regarding my initial post. I have been having trouble with my infernalnet connection, it is a Three mobile wi fi. It has been running slow, cutting out or completely unusable for the last few days. I tried to put some kind of smilie on the post but something else went on and the connection went down. I tried this morning to rectify the problem and the connection went down again and did not return. The gist of it is that row of parties was never intended, therefore would the moderators please delete the smilies as they are totally inappropriate. Thanks. No doubt the problem is caused by the overload of people working from home and people unable to work being online and entertaining themselves. Luckily, I have found a place away from where I live with a decent connection. Regards everybody and stay safe and healthy and hopefully this nightmare will not do too much damage and hopefully the people that need help will get it from our Government.
  3. It just occurred to me in a moment of enlightenment, make the most of it, its not a regular occurrence. Do all the people queuing for hours outside the supermarkets and inside at the tills and rubbing shoulders with all the rest of the madding crowd whilst clearing the shelves of everything are increasing their chances many fold of getting the bug and passing it on to their families? Hmmm, just a thought.
  4. That bridge does have its uses despite what some may think.
  5. I always thought that hire fleets charged full whack road prices for diesel anyway. It is probably doubtful that they pass on any 60/40 discount to the customer anyway.
  6. They are quite handy in the eventuality of all the Country's stocks of loo roll are piled up in selfish peoples houses. The tabloids are best for this use, after all, they caused the panic. Its strange as Montezuma's Revenge is not a symptom of the virus. Its much better to do what I have done. Realising that there may be some disruption due to Brexit I have just put the odd extra can of salmon, bully beef, frozen goods etc into my shopping over many months. As I use my Brexit stock I replace what I have used to keep my stocks up. I have five loo rolls which should last a while and I am not panicking, I went around my little corner shop yesterday and there were loads of loo rolls on the shelf. Look! No panic!
  7. Anyway Smitch. I am going off line now. Best of luck with the problems.
  8. Just looked up the PRM 150 and it is an oil operated gearbox.
  9. That may be a possibility. You could try disconnecting the cable and operating the control lever on the side of the box manually to the full extent of the travel. If you still have to rev the engine to get the prop to turn then I would suggest that the forward drive clutch is worn or there may be a problem with oil mechanism.
  10. Sound like a clutch in the gearbox is worn. When a PRM is in gear the engine is locked to the gearbox and the prop speed goes up and down with engine speed. There should be no revving to get the prop to turn. Is the gearbox topped up with the correct oil?
  11. Is it an oil operated gearbox such as a PRM?
  12. BMC used to use an oil bath air filter back in the stone age. If you could put a picture of the filter casing opened I may be able to confirm if it is one. If it is you just fill it up with oil and as the air passes over the oil it traps the dirt with the oil. Blue smoke would denote that the engine is old and worn and burning oil. Its not good to breath the fumes so it would be best as has been mentioned to pipe the crankcase vent into the air intake to burn the oil vapour. Black smoke from the exhaust denotes the injectors need attention.
  13. If you cant get hand sanitizer I think standard surgical spirit should work ok. under £2 for 200 ml. You could probably stretch it a bit by diluting 50 50 with water. Mind you Aldi's white rum would be cheaper, at least if you catch the virus you could drink it to drown your sorrows.
  14. I think the Stracey Arms is a Sikh temple now.
  15. I remember going there and when I was buying a round of drinks I was asked if anybody on my table had a heart condition, the reply was no. A few minutes later a giant rubber spider was lowered from the rafters. I enjoyed the prank but it somewhat unsettled the ladies.
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