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  1. No wonder I don't sign in to these forums often. Its easy! Just send in somebody to chop the top off the pile of rubbish with a damned great chainsaw and then dump a load of spare rhond , those "hovers" that plague the area would do nicely, around the damned thing and then bang in some warning posts around it and let nature take its course with the rest of it. Its a cheap and easy solution so what's the problem? Ah! provided it is a 9.00am. start, 15 minute tea break in the morning, hour for lunch, 15 minute tea break in the afternoon and no knocking off early! Four bods and a workboat should get that sorted in a day and a bit. Mind you BA don't have much control over their staff do they?
  2. He probably peed off somebody for selling the infamous over priced Norfolk Broads beer.
  3. Unfortunately I left my car un started for quite a while and just looking after the battery with a battery charger. I just had a look at my dashcam and although it retained my car number and everything stored on the card the date and time was set back to 2013. Now, I am not a person to dob in the many Top Gear viewers who drive like total pr**s on our roads, as long they do not involve my car in their pathetic antics in cars that perhaps need some attention to their exhaust system and a lobotomy for the drivers, I just need some evidence should my car be involved in an accident. Just check that your dashcam if you have one that the date and time is correct. If used in court it may be thrown out as evidence as the information is incorrect. Just plug it in now and again to a mains phone charger thingy and charge the internal battery to keep the information fresh. Sorry about my opinion about some of the "drivers" but if they want to drive like idiots kindly take your piles of s**t to a race track and kill or maim yourselves there. I would like to put a tin helmet emogi here but the website will not let me do it.
  4. Minigem

    Space Station

    Thanks for that MM. It looks like I have dropped a clanger there. Green soup! are you taking the pea there?
  5. What! I would not touch online banking with a bargepole. Even my cards have the touch facility removed. I really do not need it.
  6. Minigem

    Space Station

    Oops! Perhaps the Soup Dragon was a he. What does the panel think? Probably best thought about after a few drinkies!
  7. Minigem

    Space Station

    I always liked the Soup Dragon. Perhaps we could cobble a constellation of stars to honour her.
  8. Thanks for that tip, will do. I suppose you are suggesting WD40?
  9. My old beast, well not a bad motor and not that old, has been laid up for three months now and I have made sure that the battery has been kept up and the engine run occasionally. Well, as lockdown is being somewhat relaxed I went for a trip, no not with the silly b's bunging up the coastal towns and beauty spots but to visit my bank to pay off my balance of my credit card (I hate paying charges), buy some veggies at the local farm shop and buy some lettuce seeds and fertiliser for my veggie garden. The gist of this post is that my electric windows did not work. Dammit! the car was hot and as the air intake for the air system just takes air from under the front scuttle. After a few miles on my trip possibly from all the vibration from the bumpy roads the windows eventually worked. I was dreading the thought of taking off all the door skins and freeing the internal gubbins. So, if your old beast is sitting in your driveway , wind up the engine now and again just operate the electric windows to keep them free. I had to do the freeing job on my last car which had been laid up by the previous owner and it is a blighter of a job. Keep safe everybody!
  10. I run an outboard motor built in the late stone age. It runs perfectly on "dead" petrol. The problem is that as engines get "improved" they become more finnicky. Give me a good solid old lump of an engine any day. Personally I would mix that "dead" petrol at about 20 to 1 with good stuff and use it in the engine. Why waste it?
  11. I hope people do not mind me bringing up Elf and Safe Tea but I sincerely hope that the glass within touching distance is of the safe type,. I remember years ago when my mother tripped and fell through the glass on dad's greenhouse. It was only the quick thinking of the next door neighbour that stopped her from bleeding to death and took her straight to hospital. She was left with a scar almost the length of her forearm. In later years, I always armoured my greenhouse with wooden sheets etc. when my young rather active nephew visited as I could never live with myself if it happened to him.
  12. I usually find a two pound club hammer works admirably on most things. However, please don't use it on the wife, or hubby for that matter.
  13. Personally I would say that C-19 will do an incredible amount of damage to the Broadland economy. I have heard many times over the years from many businesses "we make our money in the Summer time to see us through the Winter". I can foresee many pubs closing down completely due to no tourism money as local trade could never make up for the losses. With regards to boat hire, just think about the extra cleaning and indeed disinfection of a boat between hirers, that will take more than the few hours on turnaround days and therefore mean employing more staff at extra cost if turnaround is to be completed on the same day not to mention the cost of disinfection equipment and chemical spray. It is no wonder that Tim Martin (Wetherspoons) told his staff to find other jobs if they could instead of furloughing them and he has or had pubs in prime situations with year round trade. I predict when he opens again he will have fewer pubs. Also, it may be doubtful that people will have the spare money to spend on expensive holidays when this is all cleared up, I heard on the news the other day that the country is verging on a national debt equal to what we had after the second world war. Then the country was virtually bankrupt, taxes will rise and spare money will no longer be the case for the many ordinary working people.
  14. Yes MM and Poppy, as locals you recognise it as a prominent feature of the River Stort at Sawbridgeworth, pronounced "Satsworth" by locals or also known as "Sorbo". Thanks for keeping quiet. Well done w-album and astonsong for the correct answers too. It is the riverside maltings at Sawbridgeworth, a very impressive building which last time I saw it was covered in ugly signs of the businesses that occupied it. The photo was taken something like 25 years ago on slide film. I put it up on a screen with my slide projector and photographed it with my digital camera.
  15. Yep, there have been two correct replies by PM so keep them coming!
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