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Anyone Know Of Free Antivirus Software For Windows (xp)


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We are with BT, I just tried to down load the free Mcaffee anti virus protection, and it doesn't want to run. We are running XP service pack 3 which "should be" compatible :doh
I tried their tech download to check it, and that doesn't run either, several chunks of programs missing.

So if any one knows of any free one, I would be grateful.

I run Malwarebytes, and spybot on occassions, but need something to use that checks the computer more often, so this might be causing a clash.


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Thanks for the information but, Panda free looks interesting, but I would prefer the antivirus more local, Avast looks like the best option for us, with AVG a close second.

We have been out this evening, and just before we went out I ran malware bytes and re booted, it has now started to load Mcafee, so we'll see how this goes.

I'd still like the free software, should all this go pear shaped though lol So AVG is the one I had heard of, but that was years ago... so still going, sounds a good option too.

The last time we had either Norton or Mcafee, the computer slowed to a crawl, we have a lot of shadows and ghosts of antivirus software still in there, as I am convinced that bits are left behind just to cause havoc. 

The free ones, I always think, there's no such thing as a free lunch, there must be something in it for them. They may be harvesting data, what you browse on the internet... yes those sites too.   lol I was thinking of the Broads forums, what were you? lol.


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The one everyone seems to miss is XP and laters' own Antivirus system, Microsoft defender, I've not heard of any complaints about it. Some time ago the multinational  I work for which has hundreds of thousands of employees around the world all on computers switched from using a paid for anti virus to the one in MS and has not had a problem.

 I certainly wouldn't use Norton or Mcafee because of the previously mention problem of them slowing down computers ( I have used them both in the past)..

Note I use IObit Advanced system care FREE to do general tidy ups of the computer but not their Antivirus, it turns off your fire wall in windows 10. Then I occasionally run Malwarebytes Free just to make sure nothing has sneaked through....

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