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Both my laptop and PC run W10 and  I thought I'd ask a question about a topic which is increasingly vexing me.

I connect to btinternet infinity via Chrome and check my mail first thing every morning. Despite putting hundreds of messages into the Spam box they just reappear within hours or days. I frequently receive 90 or more spam messages a day............

What ever can I do to stop this, please?

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The problem with all email clients is that they all make money out of 'feeding you spam' or tailoring adverts to what you are writing about in your emails. I used to have BT infinity and had the same problem John. I cured it by opening a Gmail account. Gmail allows you to use 'folders' to sort your mail into primary, social, promotions, updates and forum mail.There is also a 'report' function for spam. I still get spam through...but spam that gets through the filter is then filtered into my promotions folder leaving my other folders to deal with the important stuff. It's then a case of a spot of housekeeping every couple of weeks.

Google used to push their own adds at the top of my email inbox, but since I never opened them just report them as 'inappropriate' to my lifestyle...they seemed to have stopped doing this.

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I allow all spam to come in, my email provider (bt) handily marks messages it thinks are spam by adding [SPAM] to the title, so I filter on that to a junk folder, this avoids the problem that the ISP filters out some genuine messages along with the spam. once a day I visit the folder and move all the genuine messages back out of the spam folder.

I can generally keep my time spent checking emails down to about 10 minutes a day.

I use windows live mail, on vista and win10, and sylpheed on linux, as well as picking up my emails on my tablet (not so friendly for sorting emails)

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I have to say my preferred email provider is and has been for some years Gmail.

Back in the late 1990's when I got on the World Wide Web (well some of it) using AOL I naturally used them to provide my email - I then moved over to using Yahoo Mail - which was more feature rich but was never very happy with the fact anytime I got a suspicious email or someone I knew had some malware effect their email it was more often than not affecting Yahoo.  I moved to Hotmail.

Hotmail was good - then it lost its way when MSN Messenger got ditched and by now Spam was also a real issue - nothing I seem to do stopped it completely.  It was around this time I got an iPhone and through a tech website found Google Mail was the only provider offering things like contact syncing, masses of storage capacity and the ability to store and sync things like calendar entries, mail and contacts using exchange services set up on the phone.

Well, since moving to Gmail I do still get Spam email - but I you'd never know because their filters are so good. I can pop into my Spam folder and never have I found something that was wrongly placed there, the handy inbuilt 'unsubscribe' link right inside the email window is a handy single click solution to get you off mailing lists too. 

So I'd recommend moving to Gmail not just for email provision but because you get a whole lot more free benefits like their cloud storage system 'GDrive'.



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