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Help About A Pedestal

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At the boat show today we were looking at Marine Teak table tops for a small, but nice table top. What I want to do is to save putting another base onto the floor. I want if possible to use the pedestal from the table we already have on the boat. I am guessing and trying to remember our pedestals are wider than the one's on the market today (I may be wrong), but how or where would I get a under table mount pedestal plus would fit our pedestal (which are a good 20 years old).

Has anyone, please got any ideas where I / we could get an under table mount? Any help of advise would be very grateful.

Many thanks.


Marina :Stinky

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Luke, the boss of this company, https://www.marineteak.co.uk/ is a decent bloke, lives on Oulton Broad, is a NBN face-book member, worth phoning and asking. Alternatively have a word with those nice folk at the boat-building training centre, also at Oulton Broad, they are not adverse to such jobs and generally at very fair prices http://www.ibtc.co.uk/

Alternatively a bit or decking or old pallets and call it shabby-chic.

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I doubt Luke will be able to help if it's a discontinued size. 

exactly what diameter fitting do you have?  

You may be surprised in it may still be currently available. Mine is 13 yrs old and still seems to be standard size. 

Norfolk marine had a good selection last time I needed one. 

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They do come in different heights. As in pole lengths. 

To be honest, I thought they were all the same. 

I am sure a more techy person will know in more detail. 

Failing that can you reuse your existing pedestal and fit to new table?

or I can lend you my dremel to remove the old base!!!! 

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Certainly if he can help he will. 

I know he is basically out of contact during the boat show but happy to ask him Saturday if you have the sizes?

or once the show is finished ping him an email. You can get the best email address from his marine teak web site. 

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If i have grasped this right, but i may be wrong and if so apologise in advance, i think you refer to what is called a desmo fitting. Try in google " desmo table leg"  the results will be self explanatory and you will see a lot of options.

Hope this may help



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Ma, what do you want to know? I'm confused? Most old poles (as pictured above) are the same size. You can buy these anywhere and they are pennies obviously brianwards do or a caravan shop would be cheap. I think we have spares in the garage if you want new bases or poles.. (Sorry dying of manflue so barely know where I am today).

Marineteak do a cool simple base which you can unscrew and leaves a minimal bottom base.. we are looking at getting one for our forward cabin table but £80 is a bit steep (but I think worth it). 

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If you can remember what our cockpit table on Zimbi is like, that was an outside table from Ikea that I took the legs of and varnished then got the leg fixings from Magnum motorhomes.

The whole lot only cost about £75 of course I didn't charge myself for fitting it ( couldn't afford the hourly rates!)

Photo shows how messy we can get a table.



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