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Pleased With The Service Twice In One Day!


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As a result of my late wife's illness our small cruiser was emptied out and not touched for eighteen months. It was totally green and baked on, the teak bathing platforms were covered in moss and I thought they were a write off. There was no way I could have tackled the job and having not moved the bottom was covered in mussels so much so you could not see the log paddlewheel.

I left it all to Broadsedge and was delighted with the result this morning, I just need to put on the summer canopy and get the kit back on board which I started this afternoon. Though a bit emotional doing the boat on my own, it has given me a lift.

The other reason I am pleased is I took my wife's wedding ring and engagement ring to Bradley Hatch in Wroxham (Hoveton) I did not want them sitting in a drawer. They have re-sized the ring and mounted the diamond so that I might wear it. I am very pleased with the result. I was eighteen when I bought that ring, Judith was seventeen, last Monday the 15th would have been our 46th anniversary.





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Good on you Chris for trying to get back on with things. It can't be easy?

I am sure your wife would appreciate what you have done and want you to carry on using the boat. 

I am sure it will not be easy for you, but hopefully you will also remember the good times you both had on the boat. 

Takes s brave man to post that as well. 

I wish you well and happy boating. cheers

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The boat looks fantastic as does the ring, good for you to restore the things that mean a great deal to you, don't forget memories never leave you so whatever happens in the future they will stay with you forever ,enjoy your time on the boat and try and remember the good times rather than think about the sad times ,difficult I know but it won't do you any good long term and I'm sure your wife wouldn't want you feeling down , pretty sure you are fed up with people offering you sympathy and bored of people saying I'm sorry to hear of your loss, none of that makes the slightest  bit of difference ,best healer is time, it will get easier believe me ,but until then spend time with people close to you,they maybe able to see things from a different perspective but if you need time alone don't be afraid to say so , the odd night alone to gather your thoughts may do you some good 

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I have no knowledge of you personally Chris, but you are a brave man for posting this. I wish you many years of continued pleasure with the boat. Life goes on, however hard it seems from time to time. Always think of what you would wish for your partner, if it were you who passed first. Surely you'd want them to grieve, certainly, but then - live! That's what you should believe your wife would want you to do, as I'm sure she would.

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Hi Chris, Roz and I are proud of you, I would also think Judith would be to. You have been talking about doing this for a while, somehow now is the right time. Your Viking 20 is looking like it used to, it's a credit to you. I see you have some new fenders too, you just need to stay over a few nights, remember the good times that the boat brought you. Our boat is so important to Roz and I, and  I know boating has been in your blood for a very long time. I am sure with the help of your boat you will get through the next phase of your life, you are already getting out more with your long walks, now combined with a few cruises you will get stronger.

Best wishes, 

Richard and Roz

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Great Post Chris 

you have my utmost respect.

Take all the happy memories with you on the boat and you will get comfort.

your boat looks amazing and what a lovely thing you've had done with you wife's ring

When we brought our mum (86) back to the Broads after dad died it was the best thing we could have done, we were unsure at first but mum always says that she feels dad is with us, and talks often of the times we had.  we had many great boating holidays in the past and dad loved it as much as we all still do

Mum looks forward to her two holidays each year now.

Our best wishes to you Chris

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Good on yer  Chris. I know exactly how you feel, I lost my wife of 36 years a couple of years ago. You have done exactly what I tried to do i.e. get on with it and I have total respect for you for that. Happy boating and if you pass me on Giddy Kipper,  please give me a wave.



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Hi Chris

All of the above and then some

You go out on that smashing little boat and enjoy yourself, you will be able to visit all the special places you and your lovely lady once visited, I would imagine painful at first but in time I'm sure that pain will become comfort when you think of all the happy times you spent together on the rivers, hopefully you will find yourself sitting there and smiling or even raising your eyebrows at something she may have done that didn't meet with your approval, maybe messing up a mooring or some such, above all else I reckon she'll be there with you in some way

The ring is beautiful

All the best to you and happy boating

Grace :kiss

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