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Big Pike at Hickling


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A 42lb 8oz pike was caught at Hickling on Friday, it was caught from one of Whispering Reeds Houseboats.

I would expect a photo in local paper this week,one of the biggest caught for a year now,lucky chap,bet he is still smiling.

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From the days when folk ate the buggers by the looks of it Clive, none of this hippy catch and release nonsense, never seen the reason to catch or kill anything you aren't going to eat, unless it's eating your stuff that is. :naughty:

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I dont know much about the pike in the pictures apart from the first one was hooked by someone else and Grandad reeled it in and landed it, there was a bit in the paper what was a bit mixed up because they both wanted the glory!!

he also caught a couple of big pike which were stuffed by Gunn of Norwich, he lent them to the maritime museum in Lowestoft but after surviving the fire they went missing :mad:

we had loads of his fishing gear but it gradually went missing and all his rods (some real nice ones) got knicked.

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Just to set the record straight, the photo of the recent pike catch was "modded". I know some people are maybe going to consider this out of order, but the original poster has received an explaination as to the reason.

To clarify, the photograph posted on the NBF is copyrighted to whom ever took the photo (this is basic UK law). It is the policy of this forum to try to abide by copyright laws to avoid us getting into trouble. Whilst the possibility of this over a photo of a fish is small, it is none the less real.

I myself have taken and posted many photos on NBN, and I know I would not be terribly happy with any of them apprearing on other Forae without my permission.

Should anyone know who took the photo, and get written permission from them to post it here, we are more than happy for it to be re-posted, so if anyone does know the photographer, a quick PM might be good?

Please also be reminded that we do not condone posting links to other Forae, and neither do the other Forae in question. As daft as it may sound, this has caused a few spats in the past and is therefore not permitted.

I'm sure everyone will understand and abide by these simple guidelines, which are purely intended to keep the peace (and within the law!). We do not go in for heavy modding, but do, on occassions such as this, have to be seen to be doing the right thing for all members.

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Hi Clive

Fantastic pictures, thanks. Where are the houses were your grandad is shown? If you don't mind my asking?


Hi, Jupes,

The picture was taken at 'Brightside' in Stalham staithe next door to the boatyard.

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  • 4 years later...

Thanks Peter,

there were 2 pike caught in Oulton Broad (not the ones in the pictures) they were lent to the museum via

Bill Solomon the old harbour master. when the museum caught fire his widow was given back all the stuff he

lent but we were not sure if the pike survived the fire of if they are in an attic somewhere...

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Peter,  If you fancied a challenge then I would appreciate it.. 


I suspect they were burnt but it would be good to get closure on the matter,


BUT... you never know  and it would be fantastic to know where they were.. :)

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lovely to see the photos of that 44 pounder  and great to hear that the big boys and girls are still in evidence, we had a low 30 pounder come out at Womack about 15 months ago caught on a plug during the winter months but only jacks and jennys upto around 6 pound have been caught recently AFAIK at Womack unless anyone knows any diffently. i think the salt water surges drive them further upstream as they hate salty water.

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Most Broads pikers sensibly keep quite about their successes. I was once witnessed catching a 34 pounder, next day I counted more than fifty rods within 200 yards of where I caught her. Re salty water, the Baltic is home to a quite a few pike, surprisingly, at least to me. Still, I like the idea of Denmark:

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