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Wednesday 27th December Wind & Rain


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Car packed with the remains of Christmas food,  big coats out,  gloves found.

Looking at the traffic reports,  The Midlands has snow heading across to Norfolkland.

Should I unpack the Lexus and put it in the 4x4. ? The Lexus is not happy in snow.  :default_xmas6:

Dartford crossing here we come.



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Not nice in East Herts today.  Sat here wondering how much leccy we have on the post in Horning.  Put £50 on in late november but with the frost heater on 24/7 and thermo controlled oil filled rad in the cabin, we could be running low.  Marina staff not back yet so fingers crossed.  Pretty sure we can only buy the cards from Ferry Marina unless anyone can advise an alternative??  If anyone can, thanks in advance!

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We drove back from The Pheasant at Kelling (North Norfolk)  first thing this morning.   Roads were pretty bad with flooding and a fallen tree ,  this was half way across the road and the police were there which was good.      Came across another small tree just laying on our side of the road , a bit of  shock when you are not expecting it.     You just catch it in your head lights and have to do some nifty breaking.   The rain is relentless but as yet no snow.





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Decided to pop up and check the boat today. Drove through some flooding and on arrival the rain was at right angles and very blustery. We had to alter the ropes slightly.

Inside, we had couple of small leaks from two of the small windows (on the side the rain was hammering against)  so went and got some silicone sealer for a temporary fix. The dehumidifier has been working a treat and once we got the heater on, the whole place was soon warm and toasty. Put the new carbon monoxide detectors up then my son texted to say quite a bit of snow was falling at home so we reluctantly made the decision to come home early. 

The bow slap was quite spectacular and glad we werent staying the night if the conditions carry on!  Roll on spring :)

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