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Twas A Dark And Stormy Night.....


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Well what an interesting few days this has been. I arrived Friday (22nd Dec) to weather that was not too bad.   Wet yes, overcast, yes that too but reasonably mild. Had a quick one in the Pleasureboat before getting all my gear out of the car and stowing it on Nyx. I returned to the pub and had a few pints as a nightcap when I saw a small collection of gins. I sampled each of them but then went back on the ales, or Nelsons Revenge to be more specific. I had the honour of a little assistance when returning to the boat from two delightful young ladies who work behind the bar. 

Saturday I awoke as bright as a button... Ok, A dullish button then, and after a hearty breakfast looked at the water level. It was plain to see I'd not be getting under Potter Heigham bridge today, so off to the bar again. Bernie, a friend of mine who some of you have met, joined me there, so a jolly fine lunch time was had by all. Lunch time went into the evening and on to the late evening. Luckily I had the honour of a little assistance from a different two delightful young ladies who work behind the bar.

Sunday was of course Christmas eve. Watere level was still too high for Nyx to go anywhere,,, so back to the bar it was. Stayed there far too long and on this occasion it was the landlady who assisted me back to the boat.Monday. Christmas day. Water too high went to pub, Think I went back to boat. Unaware of any assistance.  Was awoken at midnight(ish) by a howling gale Storm-force 14 by my estimation. Kept awake most of the night. Thought "Oh well, it could be worse, it could be raining" Boat being buffeted by this most unclement weather. 

Tuesday. Boxing day. Water only just too high. Head hurts. Went to pub... I think... Came back... I think. My head hurts... I know that. Midnight awoken by storm-force 15 winds and rain stair-rodding it down. Thought "Oh well, it could be worse... or maybe not." Kept awake by the wind buffeting the boat and monsoon rain hammering on the roof

Today, Wednesday, I'm in the bar, It's half past two PM. Head hurts, I'm falling asleep and generally hung over.



Having a lovely time, wish you were here.  

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19 minutes ago, SteveO said:

They say that a cup of tea has a lot to commend itself at times such as those you describe MM.  Hope you survive to have a very happy New Year.

Tea. Yes a fine drink, only improved by the addition of a large measure of Grants or Bells. I'm still here, in the bar, and my Mojo is getting merrier by the minute.

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