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Winter Water Points/shore Power

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13 hours ago, YnysMon said:

Your list of winter water points will be much appreciated Mr NN.


We’ve been out in December and February for many years now so I can report on what we’ve found. There will be others of course.

Can’t comment on electric posts as we never use them but most seem to be lit up so I assume they are connected. Note the comment on the winter semi live aboards above though. In winter the hot spots such as Horning, Ranworth and Loddon often have a cluster around the posts although one less now Tombstone has gone.

We have had water at:

Faircraft Loynes


Horning Marina Services

Ludham Bridge Boatyard

Simpsons Stalham

Sutton Staithe Boatyard

Herbert Woods



Goodchild Marine


Loddon (don’t rely on this though)



Oulton Broad Yacht Station (pontoon only)


There may be water at Beccles – possibly JA could advise.

Often the yards are busy with winter maintenance and you may need to look for someone to help. A polite request and a big smile is rarely refused. Mrs Nog excels in this department. If someone is dragged away from the job they are doing to help you a small gratuity is strongly recommended on top of any basic charge. This is always accepted and appreciated.

The stalwarts are basically Ranworth and Reedham. Because of their position you are likely to pass them at least once. It only takes a few minutes to divert to Ranworth from the main river even if you are not stopping there. As I mentioned earlier if you are sensible with water it can last longer than you think. We have never run out or had a problem. In extreme weather hoses can freeze, this is where the taps at Reedham are so handy. I have known even these to freeze but a kettle of boiling water soon sorts that out. Like all Broads trips always be prepared to have a Plan B.

Just thought - if a pipe has frozen and not been used for a while you can sometimes get green algae type deposits coming out. Always best to run the hose for a minute just to check.  



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13 hours ago, NorfolkNog said:

Presumably you have a length of hose too Helen? Only need a short length as plenty of room in winter. Think all taps at Reedham standard size but one, if memory serves is small, garden hose type.

All same size but an awkward non hose-lock thread compatible size. (No doubt why getting replacement taps seems to take ages)Rangers last day Sun 1st Nov

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This thing about water everyday ... yes we top up if we pass somewhere convenient whether we need it or not. But we wash up once, maybe twice, a day, depending on whether we have been cooking on board. Showers are kept brief and water used sparingly ... too cold to want to take too long in March! 😂 And if we’re in a pub we use their facilities. Basically we really do keep water consumption low. When we come to the caravan I have to remind myself that I can use more water. 

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28 minutes ago, SwanR said:

This thing about water everyday ...  Showers are kept brief and water used sparingly ... too cold to want to take too long in March! 😂 And if we’re in a pub we use their facilities. 

A pub with showers, never knew that!                :default_coat:

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17 minutes ago, SwanR said:

Ha ha ha ... I realised it read like that once I’d posted it but couldn’t be bothered to edit it! :default_rofl:

Sorry Jean but the door was wide open and I couldn`t resist. You know how it is. 

Better it was me than the court jester eh?

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Thanks for the advice everyone. We have found we can go several days on MS without topping up, which is just as well as there we were stuck on our mooring in February during high winds for three days, and with our nearby tap turned off. I guess that's partly what prompted my posting this thread. It's good to know where you can get water. We are on board next February again and hopefully we'll be able to get more cruising done this time!

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