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Lowestoft Air Festival


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This takes place this coming Thursday and friday. According to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight website, there will be no Lancaster this time but a Dakota and two Spitfires. Visiting both days around 3pm in the afternoon. They take off from Coningsby then to Marham on Thursday and Norwich on Friday so are likely to fly over the southern waters at least. So keep an ear out for those Merlin engines!



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The sound of the BBF flying over is quite special to me as I was involved with the re-grinding of their worn camshafts for the flight's Merlin engines. One of the shafts for re-profiling had a note on it referring to it having been salvaged from a Norwegian fjord.

At Zephyr Cams Lowestoft, we also made some new camshafts for them on the original machines that made them in WW2.

But that was a long, long time ago :grin:

Ian :Sailing

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Why don,t they do this over a weekend??,if your working you have to take a day off !! :(

Money Trev !!

For the last few years, after Lowestoft the Red Arrows (and others) proceed up to Sunderland for the weekend show up there. Of course there are lots more people up there and they can afford to pay a premium to have the flying over the weekend.

It's always annoyed me that the airshow is put on for the unemployed (workdays) and there was always a riot in our office to book one of the two days off !

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Ah that takes me back a few years.

I spent a bit of time with clients in Lincolnshire some 15 years ago and A10's were a regular site (and sound) then.

It was always disconcerting traveling a long straight pretty empty road and see one of these coming low level towards you on occasions peeling away just when they got to you. An awesome sight and made me glad I was not in a tank :o

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It's ok for the pilots to work on the weekend then? Think of the overtime rates for a fighter pilot! and aviation fuel garages aren't 24 hour you know, they cant just call in at Tesco ;)

Oh yes they could?, but they would`nt be able to take off again :lol::lol::lol:

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Thanks guys ,but.....i don,t think the raf close at weekends!!... :norty:

:wave your right pilots do work at the weekends, we were just down the road from raf coningsby & 2 spitfires & a lancaster i think it was, were just coming back from somewhere at about 2.30 pm on a sunday, & this was about a month ago. & what a beautiful sound it was too. lori :grin:

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Harrier could do it.....but they don,t sell av tur at Tesco.......maybe esso blue!! would get em back :wave:wave

Got pink parafin at ours - thats far better quality than Avtur or Jet A1 - but a damn sight more expensive...

No lanc at Lowestoft - only a single spit from the BBMF due to display minima,

Red Arrows both days - both Ratty Flattys though due to weather minima

US aircraft, no A10s - Just single flyby by F-15 Eagle

2 x RAF Tornados - bloomin excellent too

Private Hawker Hunter which was awesome finishing on a supersonic dive on both days

Proteus team

Maurice Hammonds P51 on friday with his mate from kent

Extra 300's and Pitts S2B's galore and the Stearman flying circus both days

..and a strange slow speed drive by by a Broom 37 apparently!

There were a few no shows sadly as, like all things, display authorisations are given out detailing display limitations (Mainly by the Historic Aircraft Association at North Weald on behalf of the CAA) - these are very very strictly adhered to and take many factors into account, ie type of aircraft, display pilots experience, their experience on type etc...... Sadly the cloudbase was VERY low both days and some displays were not as extavogant as they normally would be!

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Saw you - I think we nearly hit you!! (Well not me - I wasn't driving....!!!!) :grin:cheersbar

Just on the RAF question - if you are working at the weekend it normally means you really have pulled the short straw or stuffed up really badly .. or just be so junior! Apart from that most RAF stations are practically deserted after 12.20 on a Friday!!! :grin:

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