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  1. Do you have to carry it away on your shoulder like a ghetto blaster? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. Wasn’t that a sister ship to the Resolute? And there was also the Norwich belle. All operated from the haven bridge in Yarmouth along with the Golden Galleon? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. To me the fisherfolk are the "cyclists" of the rivers. Millions of pounds are spent up and down the country providing cycle lanes but still they use the roads! The anglers have staging / platforms constructed for them but still they set up right in the middle of a mooring. At Postwick during the summer they reverse their cars right up to the mooring out comes a tent, paddling pool, bbq and such and that's them for the weekend! I've seen a bloke sitting at Brammerton under a tent type thing plugged into the electric with a kettle boiling away while he's fishing. Now, you think he'd move if you wanted to moor? I think we should keep the closed season but just make it 40 weeks longer.
  4. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. Though not on the broads a nice pastime is to take a trip on the poppy line a steam rail ride from holt to sheringham or tuther way round. But they do let some quite undesirables on or they did this afternoon Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. See!! I told you. It was supposed to say Breydon Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. That was not directed at Brendon. It’s just that I can’t use my phone properly Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. Does this mean BA moorings will be closed to boaters all year round now? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  9. I would say that's roughly on a par with rebuilding a classic car with only a hubcap to start with
  10. I don't think too many people are aware but the Fishermans at Burgh Castle is now open permanently all year round and run by Joe who tried to make a go of the Berney a couple of years ago. I just thought of that because " nos. 2" (not that nos.2) reminded me of it. Is that North Cove or worlingham?
  11. Perhaps it would've of been better than just "good" if you owned a Hillman Imp or something other than an A40. Mind you the A40 I had, had the best anti theft device at the time. When I got out I could just take the gear stick with me. You could even drive along and take it out of the floor. Many a heart attack to my female companions. Well done !
  12. What a lovely Wednesday morning isn’t it.
  13. It doesn't really matter where the ladders are or if the last post is free. You approach a mooring now and you can see from a distance that there is only one boat moored there and you're thinking great! we can moor there, get along side and bosh!!! a row of anglers all with their cars backed up so they can fish straight from the boot. I've even seen a fisherman plugged in to the leccy post making a brew."
  14. What sort of meals do you cook Que?
  15. What's up old cock? Do you mean you're poorly or the tub?
  16. I think the chap was right. I can see a tall scrawny bird that also eats fish that otherwise we could have eaten. I can also see a lovely cute fluffy little thing that will make many go aaaah! Then it will grow older giving us plenty more little fluffy things for us to go aaaah! at. Its obviously female because its beak is open. Think of all the pillows they could stuff between them, then later on, gas mark 5 with an orange in its mouth? Its a no brainer. The old boy done good. Theres pretty look you.
  17. There's a couple of short vids there taken from the skippers phone. wasn't sure how to upload them but they work if you click on the mp4 jobby
  18. My son is "OP'S Manager for an offshore workboat group which supports windfarms as well. They have vessels in Mostyn just along from there but had a couple in Holyhead as well even tied to the same pontoon as the stricken vessels. I have footage taken from his skippers phone which ill try to upload. (if some photos of ladies in various forms of undress appear instead, I've been hacked). DTGF9495.MP4
  19. I prefer the mans game, where they play with their odd shaped balls
  20. Unfortunately I cant help but I do hope someone can
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