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Replacement Bow Roller


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My plastic/nylon bow roller needs replacing, as it's broken away on the cheeks after 14 years. However having searched on Google I can't find a suitable one. Does anyone know where I can find one please?

The dimensions are Diameter 60mm but could go up to 70mm. Width 30mm and hole for a 10mm bolt. I have all chain on the mud weight running through a gypsy on an electric winch.

I can find rollers with widths of 43mm and 49mm but not 30mm. any suggestions welcome please.

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yes, it could be made on a lathe from a suitable material, you would need to know the radius of the internal groove, overall diameter and thickness, and hole diameter ( i think we have all of those bar the groove radius). though there should be a product available out there that would do the trick

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If you want to get all prim and proper (and this is for wire and rope)

Groove diameter should be around 5% bigger than the rope

Groove depth should be 1.5x rope diameter

Groove angle of around 30 to 45 degrees

All well in principle but these dimensions only allow for about a 12 degrees inclusive lateral deflection from vertical. You would probably get a lot more swinging on a mudweight.

For your chain it would be completely different so the above is no help to anyone in this case.

Just take the old one, copy that and refit. 

I would go with Delrin or Nylon 6.6 available here (and other places)


Nylon 6.6 is hygroscopic but this is only a real problem with tight fitting applications.

Easier to machine than standard Nylon 6 as well

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Hi I machined mine out of stainless steel there is a stockist with found bar who will cut it to length for you. just down from Life boat station in Golstone it will than last for ever. alternatively a new one from chandler but it wont have a grove for the chain links. John

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This little company will do it for you. I have dealt with them and been in their workshop which is quite impressive.


G Middleton Engineering

Company Address

Unit 8D, The Cromwell Centre, Roebuck Road, Hainault, Essex, IG6 3TU


020 8500 2551


020 8500 2554




Edit: Just noticed your original one is plastic. However they could make you a metal one which would last you a lifetime.


They are a good, friendly and easy to deal with company and will do the job at a reasonable price, they specialise in projects such as yours. And they are not too far from Canvey.




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Thank you all for your help, I'm just surprised I can't find a replacement for the existing roller (photo attached)

Thanks Grendel for pointing out I need dimensions for the chain groove before I approach a manufacturer, I will be back to the boat in about 3 weeks. I was at Beccles about a week ago and saw Water Rail moored near Tim's office.

I watched the Youtube video; the roller I need is slightly smaller :default_smile:

Once I have these dimensions, I will follow up the other manufacturing suggestions members have kindly provided.

Thanks again to you all.




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9 minutes ago, annv said:

Hi Paul I just left my roller the 2 inch dia of the bar and just cut a grove to allow the links of the chain to run in the grove the larger the dia the smother the chain will run, not had the chain jump out yet. John

Hi John. The cheeks of my bow roller have broken so it needs replacing. It has to be 30mm wide to fit between the guides of the stainless steel fitting, so I will need to replace it, but can't find anything 30mm wide.

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Thanks Clive, that's brilliant, I will come and see you when we are down at the Marina later in May.

Paul from Swancraft has just contacted me and advised that the bow roller fitting was purpose made when he built the boat, which is why I can't find this size on the internet. 

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