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1960s Chumley And Hawke Motor Cruiser Restoration


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Some of you may be happy to hear that one of Chumley and Hawkes 1960s Constellation class Cruisers is alive and well, and I am her very proud owner. I am currently refitting her interior, below is a copy of the general thread I have started opening to boating forums:

She is 38ftx10.5ft, Mahogany on Oak, running a BMC Newage Commander 2.5 heartbeat. Although the previous owners made good of her, I am trying to do her true justice as to her original form and use of materials (eg previous fit out bypassed any use of stringers, had little to no inspection hatches, and used too much plywood for my liking)

I am struggling to really find any depth of information regarding the types of wood and their specific structural uses for boats of this class and heritage.

In particular, I am yet to discover any reference to the type of wood used for floor cross beams, cross cleats and stringers. I would appreciate any information and advice on this matter, as well as any specific links or knowledge as to the wood choices and their structural applications for this kind of a vessel and period.

Thoughts welcome, knowledge golden, wisdom priceless ;)


Since I feel in hope I may be amongst like minded friends on this particular forum please do feel inclined to send any links as to the history of Chumley and Hawke and their boats as well, since there is always more I can find about this topic that I of course now hold close to my heart. I am sure there may also be more undiscovered personal photos and stories that are yet to come to light here, hopefully about the Constellation Class in particular. And since I had no history included in the sale I am of course trying to build my own records, whatever the source. Thanks in particular to all those who have contributed to the wealth of info I have come across so far!


Thanks for reading this far.


Of course if for any reason you think me (pardon the irony) barking up any wrong trees then please call me out. I am here to listen ;)


Kindest regards

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Well what a lovely welcome everyone, and I'm sorry I couldn't get back sooner! 

That's the one Uncle Mike, you got her! Nice to fingertap to you in particular, since these photos meant a lot when I found them! And nice work Chris B, very cool.

So far I have also found her (and her 2 sisters) back of shot in a NB boating video short from the 70s, as well as somewhere in an author's childhood memoirs, although I can't quite remember what that was atm.. have to check my 'file'. There is more in there of course..

Okay all, if photos are the way to go, I will try my best. Not a man of the new world and no time for pics when I'm inhaling dust for lunch and varnish for dinner, it will be some time, but I will see what has been taken so far and post here again when possible.

Thank you all and kindest regards.

How exciting

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