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Are they Kosher


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Hi Lori,

I assume that they do register and lay domant for a while or just go for it. It happens on most forums and moderators deal with this every day or move posts around to the correct section of the forum.

I am a moderator on a USA world wide jukebox/phonograph forum so know of the pit falls.



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yes lori

i sit in wait :party2: :pirate:party2:

brightens my sad day to curtail a spammer :grin::teddy:

also turning their post into a load of inane twaddle pleases me no end (no accounting for taste) :oops:

think they caught onto that one and started putting the links in their signature (spoil sports depriving an old lady like that :norty: )


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Now, I might be wrong here as I'm yet to follow ny of the links, but I can see two reasons why spammers of this ilk might do it.

1. The link is to a virus,, or

2. The link is to a website which contains adverts and the spammer gets paid if his website gets sufficient hits.

If it's "2" then the spammer just needs taking on one side and given a slap. However, If it's "1" then the spammer needs taking on one side and given a slap, then horse whipped and after that he should be beaten to within an inch of his life. then hanged drawn and quartered, then his naughty bits fed to pike and his bottom smacked and then... well I guess you kinda get the picture. :)

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