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Flooding expected tonight


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The EA has issued residents of Southtown and Cobham (Yarmouth) with news that they may need to be evacuated due to a siginifcant risk of flooding today.


I suspect that Kingfisher boat yard will be under water in a big way overnight. I would recomend anyone with anything that's potentially in the way of the flood water remove it to higher areas and stay safe.


The reports suggest that it may be the worst flooding down the East Coast since the 50s.

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well blow me we were phoned this morn at 6.00 in the am by the local flood warning machine to tell us of floods.......!!!!!!!!!


 as we  are at  home to the sea in sunny narfolk and work on water all day long on the broads on the river ant too looks like i,m taking the fast rescue launch hum tonite to get to work fast faster than norm.....................


better check the floor boards when i get hum always wanted a sea view in the morning.................



i,ve worked in boot yard that we wadded to work and worked on stagging while the floor was under water  all day from 1/2 foot of waater....



drive hunny lorry to work from full length of river side est while bieng taxi to other yards or row to wark ...............


be safe  look at the water coming dun the ruds.........................................!!!!!!!

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Significant risk of wide scale flooding now. Both schools in Martham are closing early to allow for evacuations (one is definately a designated evac centre). Severe warnings being posted all along North Norfolk coast and inland rivers. 


This looks like it might be a very big one; winds are very gusty already. 

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Just had this through....



Riverside properties along the tidal River Yare including Cantley, Brundall and Reedham.

The forecast high tide at Great Yarmouth is at 10:30 pm on 5th December 2013 The flood warning threshold is forecast to be exceeded at Haven Bridge at 7.30 pm

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Hi MickFreakly,


I don't want to worry you "BUT"


Isn't the point of a flood warning to tell you there is no dry land. :Sailing :Sailing :Stinky :Stinky :wave :wave :wave

Ha ha, yeah, but at least my boat is not being battered around in the gales, its either on the oil drums as it was when I last saw it or on its bloody side, I hope its the former.

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flooding pics from the inbred land ..web feet our us ......................



ramp at 4 pm with tide far away white horse on the shore with 3/4 foot swells


same ramp at 7.30 pm with gushing forcing water with huge froth surging up to the locked gates



we were told to evacuate...................................



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if the ole tide does nt  slip back by much from what is see then its the next highen to worry about .....


as our ole sand has had a good ole wash orf to yarmoth for a change  then we aint got alot to slow the ole waves down ere...................


sea wall has repotdlty been breahed just a mile from us as i type 


and afew numpties taken pics to close the the pier at cromer got into trouble ....doh 


the sea shell be a cruel ole gal when she wan,ts to be she taketh and giveth all in a day ..............



estimated high waters ere 8.30/940. am ish depends on wind and mooon mood ............

  i,m taken a boot to wark to mo.......

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This is very worrying - and I have to say how annoyed I am that people like the BBC are not giving as much live rolling coverage of the ever changing situation.


However, Twitter as ever is keeping up.


For the latest photos and updates on Great Yarmouth: https://twitter.com/search?q=great%20yarmouth&src=typd


For the latest on Lowestoft: https://twitter.com/search?q=lowestoft&src=typd

And for general #ukflood situation:  https://twitter.com/search?q=ukfloods&src=typd


Not to forget the Environment Agency's official feed: https://twitter.com/EnvAgency


It really is looking awful this is Haven Bridge - a video..just look at the rate the water is going in to the Broads system! http://instagram.com/p/hjbbOoDjUx/#

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An accurate idea of how the inland river levels are doing can be found from the EA river level gauge index page for the Broads at:




The Southern Rivers are looking very bad already with Reedham much higher than the normal range, but the upper Bure, Thurne, and Ant are still within normal limits.


It depends how much the Flood tide surge is restricted by the narrowness of the lower Bure in comparison with the much wider and deeper southern rivers.

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