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Complete waste of space

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One of the things I have noticed over the years is the way that the larger the boat, the more the available space is wasted. My first boat  was a 16' marine ply cruiser. I was able to sleep 3 people for a long weekend (it was the Queen's silver jubilee) . Tight, yes but doable. Now three boats and just over 35 years later I have a boat some 11 feet longer, yet I reckon there is only minimally more stowage and 3 people would still be almost as tight a fit.


Sitting looking at the inside of my boat in the summer, I couldn't help but notice where so much space was wasted, and now I wonder if I can do something about it.


Ok, the boat...

She is an Elysian Bounty 27 aft cockpit. The way she was constructed was (I think) by building the hull, putting in fibreglass mouldings for the bunks galley etc. then plopping the cabin top on afterwards. Now, that's just fine and dandy, but it's those Bunk and galley mouldings that waste space.


Before I start cutting holes in them, I need to find out how much they are a part of the basic strength of the boat. Under the cooker for example there is, I estimate, about 2 cubic feet of space albeit wedge shaped. At the moment there is just a ventilation grill. I am thinking of removing that grill,. enlarging the hole and putting a small door there, thus turning it into a cupboard, and then placing the grill on the cupboard door!


Firstly, would that be ok as far as the BSS and the vent is concerned? but mainly, will making that access point weaken the overall structure of the boat? 


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It would not weaken the structure, to open the space up, I would not want to comment on the ventilation but as long as there is the same or more than you started with you should be ok but check with someone who knows the regs and can see what you have done..


With a elysian, as long as the roof is held up and the bulkheads are sound then cutting the tray about would not be an issue with regard to strength of the boat for river use..


Some Elysians had the fridge under the helm seat which made space in the galley/saloon area, on some of our boats we extended the toilet roof into the cockpit which made the shower/toilet much more useable. some have the toilet between the saloon and fwd berths which is not as good use of space in my opinion.


The later Bounty 27 has a fiberglass gas locker/ storage area across under the rear seat in the cockpit which is a good use of space.

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The vent in that picture is just that, a Vent!  on my daughters Elysian I cut a big hole where the vent is leaving a couple of inches all round, lined it with ply and put a door on the front, it's now a small storage space where she keeps all her pots and pans, I've done this on a few of my boats, you probably don't need to put a vent in the door, but it wouldn't do any harm,,,



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