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Decent Deals for 2015?


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Hi Everyone


Was just having a bit of a browse on a few dates for next year and was a bit disappointed there didn't seem to be any particularly enticing offers to make me take the plunge?


The 5% at Richardsons was a bit disappointing from last years offer, although in fairness they did have a brand new Platinum fleet 4/6 berth that was £130 cheaper than a 1990s ex Connoisseur (no early offer at Woods then?), which was suprising so as ever I guess Richardsons value is competitive.


Has anyone found anything stronger or quite irrestible and got anything booked up already?



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Maybe I'm easy to please and Richardsons biased but I actually think their current offer is quite good. I can't remember anybody discounting prior year prices before as opposed to just holding them. How good the offer turns out to be depends on how much prices increase for 2015 (if at all) after the offer ends.

I haven't seen any other offers to tempt me away from Richardsons just yet although I'm keeping my eye out. Woods and Barnes are good at offering last minute discounts but not very good at setting tempting prices in the first place - not good for those of us who like to book early!

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I`ve worked a good deal, i booked Lightning for 4 weeks next year, for around £250 per week. The best thing is, i`l get it for the same price the next year, and the same after that. Also the owners said if others are`nt using it it for weeks they`ve paid for, we could take their weeks for free.


£250 ish per week for a 43ft 6-8 berth dual steer cruiser. There`s definitely something to be said for this syndicate boating lark?.

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I'd love to have a month, but the school holidays dictate when I can go.

I think you might want to read what you typed again ;-) 5% of this years cost is a bargain. 5% ofF this years price is not such a bargain!

I also have the school holiday problem but have gone for an inflatable dinghy and outboard to solve the mooring problem!

Neil-it's not bad going is it? You light want to factor in inflation into your costs though!


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Last minute deals, direct with the yards? Surely booking up months in advance is hardly an enticement for a yard to offer much in the way of a discount.


I'm not too into last minute deals, perhaps that was considered a good plan in days gone by but surely any long term business would have learnt, especially in a seasonal industry that getting the business in early gives a much better level of protection and is a better way to treat your best customers than panicking last minute if its a bit sparse and having a fire sale to keep going?  I would only want to deal with a business that gives its best deals to a customer that books early and wants to be loyal to the brand.  Anyone wanting to gear their key offers towards bigger discounts for someone last minute (and the lower level of brand loyalty that goes with that behaviour) is not for me.


I may not have explained that too well but I know what I mean! :)


I guess the 5% is alright, especially added with the already competitive pricing and the fact no-one seems to be doing or commenting on any better being out there.  Perhaps I will have to see if I have another loyalty card discount accrued yet!



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