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In view of the upcoming "heat wave" we shall see !!

Reserved 2 desk fans at Argos in cromer £14.98 each

When I collected assistant said they had had a bit of a run on them and not many left

So peeps if you need a fan dont dilly dally they are apparently running out fast


Ray & Carole

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Being as we only get a really hot spell every few years, what happens to all the fans that all the shops sell out of each time? Do they all get chucked in the bin, surely they can't have worn out after 5 or 6 days use!

Probably sold on Flea Bay or car boot.



cheers Iain.

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The problem with boats is they tend to have rather small windows and even on a summers night with some breeze it can get very stuffy and hot inside the cabin.


I bought one this fan few years back to take on boats with me when in the warmer months – very frugal on power on low (15w) and surprisingly affective either to use drawing cooler air into the boat at night when clipped over an open window, or clipped up near your berth to have air moving over you – and not too noisy either.


As an aside to fans, I was recently looking at marine air conditioning and videos of the same in action, blimey the costs of such things are eye watering and you still need a generator (or shore power) to use the things.


I admit one could not do this with all boats, but Ebay has a lot of used commercial split systems with ducted cooling units.  Looking at the dimensions and with my inquisitive mind I have worked out under the average double berth would fit the evaporator (bit that gibes cold air) from which 3 or 4 circular runs of ducting would run from – much like hot air heating systems, each cabin would therefore have an outlet with chilled air.  At the back of the boat you have a reinforced bathing platform capable of holding the external condenser unit and generator to power the system. This in turn would be covered with a louvered box preferably made from GRP but ply wood would suffice.  One side would be lined with sound depending material the other simple to allow air flow for the condenser unit.


Bingo you’ve got a proper air-conditioning system for the boat which, if a heat pump model will heat in the winter too. Some boats on hire already have generators fitted and it would not be beyond imagination that the space above the engine on an Alpha duel steer boat could not be used to contain the external unit in a molded box to  match the boat and conceal it. 


I’ll be terrible when retired – because all this I talk I would have the time to tinker with lol.



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we use fans a lot at home and generally have to replace 2 or 3 a year, however the old ones don't get thrown just because they only turn at half the speed, they do get stripped and lubricated and rebuilt, I think we may have thrown about 3 that had totally died beyond recovery over the years, but we do still have about 8 available, currently at home I think we may have about 6 running, I even use one that lost a blade a few years back, by removing the opposite blade and reducing it to 6 of 8 blades I rebalanced it and can keep using it.


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