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Upgrade / New look. How to Questions? Bug? Post here :)

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Any questions on how to use the new look software or strange occurrences (bugs).. Please post here :) 


KNOWN ISSUES:  (Being addressed asap)

- Some old images are missing.

- New Content defaults to "Since my last visit".. Please change to "Daily View"

- Members menu is missing. 

- Signatures missing

- Purchase of Stickers / Flags not working correctly

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- Click the drop down arrow on the right corner

- Select profile

- Click the "Profile Picture" button beside your picture

- Click upload image and upload.



Each time I log in I get a "this page not available screen which I can't get rid of, if I click the link for forums I can post but the N/A page still overlays it. Any ideas?



Can you screenshot and attach to here please Dave?


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It was the star that threw me. Didnt expect that. 

Do you set up a forum that does t work on the most popular smart phone os? Well quite popular. 

Bloody geeks not making it simples for us old farts:naughty:

it definitely isn't as user friendly imho on a phone but at least I can upload directly now. 

cheers Alan ok that is mad I typed in cheers and get the emoticon. 

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I really didn't like it at first!  Using Internet Explorer 11 I was getting a very "vertical" view, which I guessed was the web site thinking it is displaying on a tablet or phone.  Having swapped to Chrome the "new" site is a similar layout to the "old" one.  I remembered setting "compatibility view" in IE 11 at some time in the past, and with that turned off the layout is restored to normal.   It's all looking good now.  :)

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One feature that is missing (or seems to be) is the ability to go to the first unread post in a thread.

I found this very handy, especially on the long threads such as the Adventures of Orca and Lady Patricia's 2015 days afloat.

not a major issue and I'm sure we'll soon get used to it

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Dave, What device are you using? Why can't you change the filters? is it disabled?


Members are missing at present. We are looking into what happened to them and bring them back :) but  be accessed here for the time being:


(John, sorry it doesn't include post count).


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Well, I'm sorry to rub it in, I am having no trouble whatsoever and this coming from a complete Techno-phobe lol, just like to let Jaws and Jonzo know and I am sure I am not the only one that really appreciates the work and effort you put in for this Forum and well worth it, it is too


As for you Eric, it's not so hot here in East Sussex but I could still do with  frickin cold beer anyway lol ;)



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