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Loft Hunting

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Well typical for a weekend, Saturday steaming hot and humid and start of the infamous 'V' festival at Hylands Park, hordes of young un's invading the town buying the cheap booze and skooching every throw up self erecting one man tent they can find, can hear the muffled 200 gazillion watt sound system from here, but to be honest, I don't mind, it's relatively harmless and usually well behaved and all them clean lads and lasses that arrived on Friday must by now be a tad 'ripe' and to top it all its just started to rain..... I feel an Essex 'Glastonbury' coming on.........

Anyways.... To the title of the post... Impending holiday 2 weeks... Agenda... Check beer is conditioning nicely by sampling a bottle or two.... Check... cheers

Task...... Find fishing rods... I know exactly where they are (cos I put them away), nothing fancy just a couple of carbon Shakespeare dooberies bought from lathams all them years ago... Beer in hand... Let the hunt begin... No sign of rods in last location (put in the airing cupboard for easy access for such an occasion as this) the fairies have been and replaced them with a large stash of shopping channel c*ap .... Nike keep fit step ups, rubber mats, swimming floats, one deflated silver ball type thing and a foot spa.....

Never one to be deterred I ask SWMBO.... "Have you seen my fishing rod (nearly said tackle, but didn't want to listen to the derisory laughs) - expecting and receiving the reply of "no" I wasn't dissapointed.

So... Can't be far I thought, no sign of said beasts in any of the cupboards below ceiling height... "Have you looked in the loft.." - "why would I look in the loft?" "Why wouldn't you" came the reply... Now wifey by all accounts a very very tidy lady, but could not imagine her liberating two "stick like" things as she calls them to the loft, though experience tells me that having mislaid a 15watt antex soldering iron I needed quite urgently one weekend and the resultant denials of ever seeing it, buying a new one and the good wife clearing out the handbag section of her wardrobe six months later gleefully presenting me with the old one she had put away in her Radley bag so it didn't get lost... It was like looking at the face of your cat bringing home a field mouse.

Not to be deterred, up in the loft I went, oh lord those places are like time capsules, plastic bags with the girls Beanie Baby collection in, the complete works of Dickens, an action man deserter (just an empty box), a fluffy polar bear the size of a, well the size of a polar bear, 3 old printers that Mr Caxton would be proud of, a three wheeled skateboard, a picture of some dogs playing cards round a table (don't ask), a bin liner full of shoes (ladies), my fishing hat... My box of floats and weights... Only found them cos I saw a distant green glow from the sellafield powered glo tips... But no rods... I could spend from now til we leave and I'm not convinced they will appear, Sod's law dictates I will have to buy new ones before the fairies put them back and I get to see the Cheshire Cat smile again...

long post.. Sorry, but I'm sure someone out their will enjoy the irony of it all.


Now what rod should I buy.....

Update... Found my reels.. Result!





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Don't be sorry, a fantastic post and made me giggle.........I daren't go in our loft, I'm surprised the ceiling hasn't caved in with the amount of stuff up there, as for the bag of shoes you found, could you please tell your lady it is not the done thing to put shoes in a loft lol :naughty:


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Ray that made me chuckle as well.

We were in Chelmsford city centre this morning and it did seem busy - there was a long line of shuttle buses over to the Park. Interestingly I used to get a lot of leave requests from my team for the Friday and Monday of V but they don't seem to want to go any more.

Hubby joined a local angling club recently so he knows exactly where his fishing gear is ... and it's somehow multiplying out there in the garage.

As for Beanie Babies ... yes we have a whole stack of those along with other cuddly toys. I'm sure you can imagine our faces a few years ago when we got home from work to find our daughter reliving her childhood by taking over our living room floor so that you couldn't set foot in the room.


10 26.jpg

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Oh wow that's a collection and some Jean, I might get all our cuddly toys down and do the same to compare! It's funny what a craze they were, a masterpiece of supply and demand, I bet they are worth diddly now....

didnt venture out today tbh but I used to do the V shuttle bus a few years back, they couldn't usually get enough to drivers and the money was brilliant for the hours you did.

from what I hear it wasn't a sell out either, not sure the list was that appealing, Christ I wouldnt pay to see Tom Jones and the rest seem like has beens (just an age thing I know) or haven't heard of them.... As for the fishing gear, I tend to be a bit of a fair weather fisherman and the broads is ideal, it's more a relaxation thing and just watching the world go by, but I've decided that we will do more short breaks, I've spent too much of my life working!



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I know I have a chop saw in my loft, the problem will be getting to it - progress in my loft is made by closing the hatch, standing to the side, and moving a pile from in front to behind myself, move forward a pace and repeat until you get to the item you want, then its a case of doing the same in reverse to put everything back Don't talk to me about loft full - but its great insulation in the winter.


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