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How not to go through Wroxham Bridge!


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I remember when I used to come on the Broads growing up there being no pilot at the bridge and we always made it through just fine – sure some boats did not but it did not feel like it was such a bi deal and impending doom may be about to happen.

So, I return back in 2011 on Star Gem and arrive in Wroxham – first time on a boat without my family and first time on the Broads in a decade and there is a sign telling me to moor for the pilot how things have changed I thought – how naive I was too.

Having moored I waited – I guess I expected a chap to pop along and just do the honours, but nobody did come.  We untied the boat and I backed it out to the centre of the river and went under the bridge moor up and went for Fish & Chips.

But then I saw the pilot doing his thing looking ever so competent and doing fast manoeuvres into the mooring I began getting very worried – what happens now?  I felt that I could not ask the pilot to take me back as he would know I had not used him to take me through earlier, so nothing for it but to take it through again. 

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In theory - it would be possible,

In practise? - I very much doubt it unless I had 6ft 10 or more

And Yes - if your brave enough!


I think there are many people on this forum that would gladly take it through for you, well attempt it anyway, they could pay you a CDW  and leave you with all the damage to repair.

Well this is exactly what some hire boat companies are doing, by letting hirers take boats through Wroxham bridge without a pilot. 

If damage is caused to the boat the hirer should pay for ALL the damage and lost income for the following weeks.

The hire companies need to be tougher, but this could mean fewer bookings.



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