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  1. Keep The Moorings For Boats !!

    I am attending my youngest son's wedding next weekend and so have not been keeping up to date with the forum as I have been away. Follow the dock behind the stern on moored boats, turn the corner and you will see:
  2. Keep The Moorings For Boats !!

    No, I thought about the forum as I spotted a nice woody.
  3. Not to be answered by any personal friends.
  4. Arachninvasion! Seal Up Those Gaps!

    My cockpit seating (cream in colour) has been stained the worse ever this autumn.
  5. Mudweight Anywhere ?

    In our 2006 search for somewhere to live in Norfolk we viewed a house that overlooked Blackhorse Broad. The house then was smaller as it has since been extended, I think, but although it has access down to the water the house only owned about halfway down, in fact it came to light because I passed comment on a hedge half way down the garden. It was a Friday evening viewing and the Motor Bikes on that Hoveton/Horning/Ludham road made my wife and I say to each other once back in the car " How much ? And some strange boundary " not for us.
  6. Sailing Yachts Speed

    Years ago a guy I worked with in Wokingham was left a river cruiser by an aged uncle. He was an International 12 man living in Reading and had no use for the boat. I was roped in to help sail it to Potter for disposal as the air cooled engine was really only fit for scrap. As we sailed down the Bure the wind started to increase from the north, we had too much sail up and as we passed St Benets ( where the moorings may have been lower than today ) we hit our hull speed. We had the perfect trough half way along the hull as we reached along past the moorings. Thank the Lord nothing was on those moorings as our wash must have been 2ft high and swamped them. It was not until Thurne that we could luff up and get some sail off. Luckily for us a wooden motor cruiser came up from Acle and seeing our plight in strengthening wind and failing light took our line towed us to Potter.
  7. Autumn

    Despite temperatures not being hugely warmer than here the Monaco Yacht Show is on.
  8. Richardsons To Go Even Bigger!

    Nice hand finish to your lapels Greg. That Jacket did not come cheap.
  9. Cobb Bbq Wanted

    Are you sure they do gas? The Cobb is a super bit of kit but it was originally designed by an engineer who saw African Women walking for miles collecting firewood for cooking whilst standing next to mountains of Maize cobs which were perfect fuel having dried under the African sun. Gas seems to fly against the original concept. They are a treasured piece for travellers though.
  10. Anti Fowl

    To return to a more serious note, whatever antifoul you use nothing actually betters boat use for a clean underwater profile.
  11. Anti Fowl

    See Dilligaf above.
  12. Anti Fowl

    If the substrate is in good condition you can recon on about £15 per foot. It is usually put on with a roller. Antifoul is toxic so to spray would require a spray booth and air fed and filtered respiratory equipment for the operator not the sort of expense a yard would be willing to fork out on. If on lifting the boat needs considerable preparatory work due to excessive build up of paint, mussels etc then that would be work in addition.
  13. Dog Poo Bags

    It might restrict numbers. These is a chap walks past with five of them on leads. They are a pack jumping around I cant possibly see how he can clean up after them on his own.
  14. Dog Poo Bags

    My marsh piece which is a Beretta 12g semi-auto would make a very good deterent loaded with a 3" 4SG.

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