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  1. Changes At Hoseasons?

    Beds on Board uses a similar formula and can really help out with mooring fees. https://www.bedsonboard.com/
  2. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I Air BnB'd three times in Australia in October. Had three beautiful places at a fraction the cost of a hotel in Sydney where you are hard pushed to find a room near the waterfront under $500 per night.
  3. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    "Just a Little run around the World" is also a good read where she runs unsupported 32000 km in aid of Prostate Cancer and a Russian Orphanage.
  4. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    PS. I am the proud owner of a signed copy of her book " Children of Cape Horn". Took ages to get to the front to get her to sign. What a colourful life she has had!!!!!
  5. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Ummm! Yes. Her sailing gear was a tad unconventional for a circumnavigator.
  6. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Always wanted a Catalac after reading Rosie Swales book. We went to the Boat Show to look. The Trouble was mooring it. With two small boys we could not risk rowing in the dark on a Friday night to a swinging mooring and marinas in Poole at that time charged double due to the beam. We hung onto the Centaur for a while and bought the Berwick which was a ketch rigged version.
  7. I was walking at Neatishead this morning and went out on the boardwalk. It appeared Pleasure Island was completely under water marked only by a circle of green shallow water bouys.
  8. Wd40 As A Wood Preserver

    I like Deks Olje D1. Very good on hard woods, it is not cheap though but I only have 2 small swim platforms to do.
  9. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I never really understood the various models but I do remember some Fisher moulds at Northshore in Itchenor. Boy they did not scimp on the mat and resin there. Built like the proverbial out houses.
  10. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Lovely boat, was she built by Northshore at Itchenor?
  11. Onboard This Weekend?

    Rain shadow can do funny things.
  12. Onboard This Weekend?

    When I used to climb we would use (3.5 X change in elevation)/1000 = temp loss due to elevation in degrees F. In countries with high mountains, the mountain forcast is quite often for 2000 or 3000 feet so you need to subtract that from your destination height. Not a problem in Norfolk. Wind chill will naturally effect temp as well. Most wind forecasts in the UK are for 10 meters above ground level.
  13. I do not wish to join in the whys and wherefores but a certain Mr Gove who imho is the ultimate "snake in the grass" has promised a much higher green agenda after the EU is abandoned. I would be concerned what can be hidden under a Brexit agenda not just for this topic but for numerous others. This whole business with Europe has brought about a lack of transparency not seen since WW11.
  14. Bbc4 23.00

    Both my sons went to Hull Uni. One of the induction bits was never use Kingston on Hull, even with the right post code it will probably end up in Surrey.
  15. Bbc4 23.00

    I believe it covers both as in the bit "what keeps water out" and the city of Kingston on the banks of the River Hull.

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