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  1. As members will know I have decided to give up boat ownership and have the following for disposal. I will be making a donation to the forum and the rest of the money will be split between my two main charities the RNLI and Cancer Research. No1 RNLI flag and Burgee plus 25mm pulpit mount flag staff all brand new £10 No2 15kg mud weight with s/s shackles and swivels and 70mm Barton block with 15m 12mm braid £25. No3 10kg mud weight s/s shackle and swivel to standard mud weight rope £15 No4 2.5kg folding grapnel, galvanised shackle and swivel on standard mud weight rope. I have shackled this to the mud weight eye and not dragged in gusts of 30mph plus £10 No5 2 galvanised rhond anchors £5 No6 4 new 6m x 12mm braid dock lines, black 3 still packed £15 No7 2 new 10m x 12mm braid dock lines, white £10 No8 Origo Heatpal, as new still in box with instructions plus 3 1 litre Trangia fuel bottles which are full. I have approx 10 litres of meths which I will throw in £60 No9 Ecoblast air horn and pump plus mouth horn £5. No10 Plastimo 100 compass with two mounts. I bought this for a trip that I said I would navigate on a Moody 36 but it got too late in the year for the Western Isles. As new with protective pouch. Can be mounted at any angle, even above your bunk. £35 No11 Low drain automatic anchor light (12v lighter socket) in original pack £10 No12 1 yard Red Ensign, quality sewn flag, not printed £10. Goods available for collection near Mundesley which is approx 9 miles from Stalham or can meet up somewhere on Northern Broads.
  2. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    In my twenties I did a number of bluewater passages in small sailboats either single handed or short handed. Even though I was a Yachtmaster (Ocean) and the class of boat (Nordic Folkboat) had a number of circumnavigations to it's credit we never secured insurance whilst passage making.
  3. Broads Hotel

    And garage.
  4. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Away from the river as Patio Magic, Wet and Forget etc are powerful biocides and are therefore Marine Polutants.
  5. In the past as a regular car traveller, to France, by car on business I would buy 100% pure Alcol d'Nature this I would use in my Origo cooker for food preparation and in my Origo Heatpal for warmth. Very simple and effective. No smell like the blue stuff you get in the UK. Perfect on a small sailng boat.
  6. The general concenus seems to be if they are from a UK bone fide company acting as agent and are CE certified with sealed combustion only able to exhaust outside they should be OK. But not direct from Russia via Ebay.
  7. Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    A Heron on Pagham Harbour ( in the days when boating and wildfowling were allowed ) Then an Eleven Plus because it was Bermudan rigged. The Heron was a great starter boat because you could row it and motor it.
  8. Love Tom Lehrer. MM. I did have the LP but it is long lost.
  9. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    I have only suffered once, becalmed, sails down but in a large swell under a sub-tropical sun. The regular rise, fall and roll did it for me.
  10. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    Drum was repaired and refitted in about 5 weeks and went on to compete in the Round the World race. I remember vaguely that they entered The Fastnet as a shake down cruise for the Whitbread. She has been owned by Arnold Clark the Motor Trader for many years and does a lot of charter work. She also had a contretemps with a RN sub in Scottish waters. She was loaned to Le Bon afterwards so he and his crew, 20 years later, could complete a Fastnet.
  11. Watched it last night (I never watch commercial television live so that I can edit out adverts) and enjoyed the programme. You have to view these programmes for what they are. Travel programmes with the emphasis on entertainment.
  12. Oyster Marine

    Southern Ocean Shipyards built the Ocean range, the only one I can think of was the Ocean 60 which was a beautiful boat. I had my Centaur at Cobbs Quay above the bridge and sometimes we would see new ones near Town Quay. I then moved moorings to Ridge Wharf near Wareham as the bridge really was a pain. The joke that Ocean was the butt of in those days was the company acronym was SOS.. I think the holding company was originally called Southern Ocean Suppliers and were chandlers, but not sure on that one.
  13. The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

    Should I decide to return to ownership I will go for a Family 4, Kestrel or Black Hawk for precisely the same reason:- Potter available to pass most of the time and with a beam of 6' 10" not difficult.

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