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  1. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I'm sitting comfortably . . . will you begin?
  2. Broadland Grebe

    Getting back to the thread (sorry!), great pics, Socrates, please keep at it, and keep us updated. I just couldn't face all that rotten wood, and I've tremendous admiration for all those of you who happily take on the restoration of those boats, in the sure knowledge it will take a) forever and b) shed loads of dosh and c) blood, sweat and tears along the way. I salute you all. Not forgetting Grendel, who has taken it upon himself to build TWO model wooden boats from scratch, using the same building methods as the real thing, where practical.
  3. Well, get them off the slides. There's see-saws, roundabouts, climbing frames - or just a kickabout with a football with no bladder, and jumpers for goalposts. I don't know, the younger generation!!!
  4. I remember the Lister, and having been re-acquainted with it a few years ago when I was kindly invited aboard another Ripplecraft restoration project, it was even bigger than I remember! I bet the Nanni looks a bit lost under there!
  5. The Ripplecraft boats had a keel cooled engine, as I recall. Lots of people pointing out, "There's no water from your exhaust, you'll overheat!". Socrates, welcome, and do keep us updated with your progress.
  6. As this wonderful thread has been re-activated, does anyone know if there are any of these still around? Originally Petit Barsac from Bondon's at South Walsham. When I was about 10, I promised my mum she and I would hire one when i grew up! I never did. Hire one or grow up! Pic from Craig's boat list.
  7. Free Heat..?

    Yes, got a Volvo heater matrix on Sunbird, complete with 3-speed fan. Works a treat!
  8. Community Speed Watch

    Ah! Good advice from instructors, there's another thread we can wander off to. I learnt in 1968, with a good old Eastender, who didn't mince his words. We were travelling along a twisty back road over Ilford way, when he slammed the brakes on (dual control), and calmly said, "Can you effing see round effing corners?". When I said, "No", he replied, "Well, effing stop driving like you effing can, then". Down to basics, shall we say, but he's probably saved me from plenty of accidents over the years, with loads of advice I've never forgotten. Difficult to forget actually, when it's bellowed in your ear from 2 feet away!
  9. Winterising Engines

    That's what I do. I bring a 10 litre plastic jerry can with drinking water, just for 2 people during the day, usually end up pouring most of it away. It's surprising how little water you actually use. I've never thought about toilets, mine are fresh water flushed from the main tank (via separate header tanks). What do others recommend? Opening the river water inlet to drain the feeder pipe, I suppose?
  10. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    Are you trying to fill in the broads single handedly, Steve?
  11. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    A mudweight. It's in Ranworth Broad. Returned to the area with a grappling hook and trawled for two hours from the inflatable, with no luck. I was trying to prove I could recover it to Rene. Put that down to another miserable failure. And Rene. Apparently it was my fault she stepped off the bow without checking we were actually alongside!
  12. Community Speed Watch

    Agreed, Charlie. But we both know that's the way policing is heading, whether we like it or not. If the police can't commit resources to the roads, something needs to be done, or there will be even more mayhem out there. I know it stinks of BIg Brother, but if we all thought we were being watched all the time on the roads, perhaps we'd behave more considerately? Not sure what the long-term answer is.
  13. Winterising Engines

    For the past 16 years, I have put tubular heaters in the engine bay, controlled by a frost stat. Recently I have also run a dehumidifier. All of which needs a reliable and stable electrical supply. Always drain as much out of the freshwater system as possible, not forgetting the hot water tank (calorifier) may need the lower fitting removed in some cases. Or a drain tap opened. I also shut off the raw cooling water inlet, remove the top of the weed filter, and run the engine ONLY until cooling water no longer exits the exhaust. That's it. Bring drinking water in a carrier, open the raw water inlet, put the top on the weed filter, and away you go.
  14. Community Speed Watch

    All this talk of bad driving - get a dashcam and submit any examples of dangerous or illegal driving to the police. They WILL prosecute with evidence. The cheap dashcams are useless, the police want clear footage of car make, colour and registration. I'm not saying become vigilantes, minor transgressions, sadly, are the norm, but seriously dangerous stuff needs stopping. Perhaps new vehicles should be fitted with tamper-proof cameras that record permanently. That would be better than all the "connectivity" being offered to the masses nowadays. Which results in inattention to the task in hand - getting safely from A to B.
  15. Dash Cameras

    I changed my lighter sockets to be live at all times. I just plug the cameras in (they're on a doubler) when I start out in the morning and leave them on. Handy if you get bumped in car parks.

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