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  1. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Sorry, Sir, no offence, Sir. I'll know my place in future, Sir. It won't happen again, Sir. Retires to his hovel for a dinner of gruel and stale bread.
  2. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Yes, as Ricardo states, there are no signs indicating "No mooring", so how it can be enforced, is anyone's guess. A grey area, where previously, all and sundry knew where they stood. If there are no signs when I'm next there in September, I'll moor there. Might come back to find my boat clamped!
  3. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    The 2 hour moorings downstream of the NoviSad bridge are no longer sanctioned by the owners, Norwich City council. Worries of litigation if someone injures themselves, I'm told. Having said that, I've stopped there to visit Morrisons. Do they want visitors or not? If there are no "No mooring" signs, it would be up to the quay owners to move you on. Given the problems councils have moving on "travellers", I won't unduly worry about that possibility, until I see a "Mooring Warden" approaching with his notebook and pencil!
  4. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    Wow! Many thanks for all your input. I'm going to visit MarineTech at S.Walsham and have a serious chat about our needs. For what I think I need, a 2.5 or 3 hp will suffice. Thinking about it I'm not worried too much about fuel consumption, a can of petrol is easy enough to keep aboard (outside, of course). It will mainly be used to get us to parts of the network Sunbird can't go, above Potter, Wayford and possibly Beccles.
  5. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    Thanks for all your thoughts. I, like Ricardo, was surprised at the high price of secondhand outboards, the history of which is unknown. Might as well pay another hundred and get a warranty!
  6. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    Sorry, yes, buying new was a stipulation! Unless anyone's got a reliable second hand one for sale?
  7. Hi, all, Need a bit of advice/suggestions as to which outboard motor you'd recommend for my small inflatable? Thinking 2.5 to 4 hp will be plenty, but how far could I get with one without carrying cans of fuel with me? Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome, as I've only used an electric outboard up til now. Ta in advance.
  8. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    Probably grease?
  9. MM, Careful, I nearly understood all that! The clearest bit was "(tight fisted toe-rags that we are)", but I already knew that. Glad you're getting somewhere with it all. I'm sure it'll be clear as mud eventually.
  10. Hi, fellow idiot, That MIFI thingy is locked to 3, if it's the one you got from me. So if you change networks you'll need to get it unlocked somehow. If the usage is as you describe, I'd think 2gig would suffice, 5gig to be absolutely sure. I went for a smartphone in the end, and a 123 sim from "3". 1p per megabit data on that, and it just rolls on without a cutoff. £20 lasts me pretty much the whole summer! You can tether your laptop to a smartphone (acts like a wifi hotspot) if necessary.
  11. Broad Ambition - The Model

    I'm still having trouble not seeing the pics - anyone else? Edit: Jumped the gun - just seen Jonzo's post!
  12. Please Delete Me

    I've got mine framed. Unfortunately I put the certificate in upside down. Anyone would think I'm an idiot . . oh, yeah.
  13. The Games We Used To Play

    The only time in my life I have been unconscious (apart from planned outages during operations), was when I was about 6 or 7. We had a dilapidated old shed in the garden, in the last stages of decay. I had been explicitly told not to go in, near, or on it. My little friend Patsy next door, decided the roof of the shed would be a good place to be, so up we went. Down we came, straight through the roof. My mum had gone down the shops, and the next thing I remember is looking up at her, wondering where I was. Patsy had survived unscathed, but, thinking I was dead, had gone in for her tea. My protestations that it was Patsy's idea, cut no ice with Mum, but as I never got pocket money, there wasn't much she could do about it! I was confined to barracks for a week, as I recall.
  14. The Games We Used To Play

    During my 4 years at Junior school two boys fell out of trees onto the spiked railings of the fence surrounding the school (separate incidents). I don't recall anyone being sued, or the fence or trees being removed. On one occasion two of the teachers had to take turns to support the casualty until the fire brigade and ambulance arrived. General consensus was "stupid idiots for doing it" (the boys, not the teachers). We spent nearly as much time up trees than on terra firma.
  15. The Games We Used To Play

    Making ice slides in winter in the playground was strictly forbidden - that was asking for trouble, wasn't it? Lost count of the number of cracked bones and bruises incurred - let alone the number of lads in detention over it!

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