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  1. Broads Hotel

    Here you are, Grendel.
  2. Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Congratulations to you, from Rene and me.
  3. Back On The Broads 9th March

    Yes, one of the TWO co-ops in Brundall!
  4. The Haven Bridge

    I think the correct term is "nose bolts". That's the term used on Tower Bridge.
  5. The Haven Bridge

    Oi, MM! That's a bit too close to me! Locking pawls on some bridges have to be extended mechanically I believe, and if not fully engaged signal such to the bridge controllers. Edit: See Grendel's post above. I was still typing!
  6. Sea Sickness - Oh Joy And Glee!

    Felt a bit sick on the Woolwich Free Ferry once. But I was about 8 and had been to a birthday party across the river. Much jelly, ice cream and fizzy stuff might have had something to do with that!
  7. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    So there you go, from the horse's mouth. All fine and dandy, nothing to see here, spring is coming, let's be happy.
  8. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I've missed the blow-up on here over the last few days, and don't want to get involved in the ins and outs of it. But for what it's worth, if I were going offshore, I'd like people with me who were experienced in that area. That's EXACTLY who Robin went to sea with. There's no shame in admitting others are more experienced at some things than you, so why can't some people accept that they don't always know everything?
  9. Let me help. With a bit of shoe-horning, I'm sure you could squeeze into this:
  10. Broad Ambition - The Model

    That won't be difficult!
  11. The Haven Bridge

    Hope you get a better outcome than the last debacle at Mutford lock. These companies seem to employ people to deliberately waffle ad infinitum, hoping you'll get fed up and go away. And the way they can fill a page with the answer to every question you haven't asked makes you think they'd be better off in politics. Keep at 'em, Griff!
  12. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Is it not getting a good night's sleep? A hot drink, and a warm bath usually works.
  13. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Not at all, Snowy, but to leap on him as he arrives seems a bit harsh, I'm sure the tolls would have been paid as soon as Robin caught his breath! The point that leapt out to me was . . . So someone other than BA was being, shall we say, picky?
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Surely no-one would be so nasty as to jump on you for not having tolls? Who would contact BA over that? I haven't commented on this thread, mostly because A) I have nothing useful to say, and B) I haven't understood most of the techy stuff! But now's the time to thank Robin for letting us all "ride along", and what a ride! Well done to all involved, and I wish Robin well in his new "abode". It takes a brave man to make such a decision, and I take my hat off to him.
  15. Breydon Bridge Now Operational!

    What was wrong with Ricardo's comment? I didn't see a problem. He was just asking what the options were. What was the problem? I don't like the way this forum is heading lately, and may well join Ricardo.

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