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  1. Photo Upload Problem

    I reduced the pics and they uploaded OK. Can't find a photo file size limit referenced anywhere? Probably right in front of me!
  2. I'm trying to upload a couple of photos to the calendar thread, but get "upload failed". Is there a file size limit? Or what else could it be?
  3. Hurricane

    Try to keep up, Carole.
  4. Hurricane

    Well, if that's what you intend doing at the end of days . . . enjoy!!!
  5. Great Canal Journeys

    In the words of FawltyTowers' Manuel, "I know nothing".
  6. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    Oh yes, the bong boats. So called because of the resounding "Bonnnggg" they made when striking the bank (or another boat).
  7. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    Thanks Trambo, the only one of those yards I'd heard of was Line Azzuro!
  8. Swallowtail Cobblers

    Blimey!!! How many clones of you are there? You can't possibly do all that on your own!!!!
  9. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    It seems from the catalogue they were based at the now defunct Marina Keys site. I certainly never knew of this. Some companies I've never heard of, either.
  10. Swallowtail Cobblers

    Never fails to amaze me what hidden talents lie behind a name on a forum! With Tim and his artwork, and Grendel with his modelling skills, what other talents lie beneath the oikish exteriors of forum members? Come on, don't be shy, show us your secret talents. ( Mine involve loafing about, drinking tea and extreme procrastination).
  11. Swallowtail Cobblers

    Lovely artwork, Tim. I used to do a bit of drawing earlier in life, but I stopped when mum tanned my backside for using the hall wall as my extended canvas. I was about three, I think. Put me off art for life, I could have been pickling sheep and displaying my unmade bed by now - and getting paid for it!
  12. Concorde

    Programme on BBC4 at 9 p.m. Tuesday about Concorde.

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